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Star Trek: Conquest

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I just don't like strategy games much

posted by elverdador (WICHITA FALLS, TX) Apr 24, 2008

Member since Dec 2006

First, I don't understand why Star Trek games are almost always strategy games, I mean they could make a Star Trek RPG or platform game, right? Anyway, there are some issues with Star Trek: Conquest in particular. To me, it seemed as though no matter who you chose to be, you couldn't choose your enemy. Also, the enemy I faced was always 50 times stronger than my people. That seems to always be the case with strategy games.

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Above Average

star trek conquest

posted by hostile17 (COVINA, CA) Apr 15, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

I played Star trek Conquest for about a week and a half, on and off. It’s a neat little game for Star Trek fans as you can assume any race and defend the galaxy in a turn based system similar to online Risk. The game does have its flaws, while you can play on different modes, “Arcade” lets you battle other races in combat orbitting around a system or planet or “Sim” which simulates the battle. I found the Arcade mode clunky and hard to maneuver the ships, so I stuck to sim mode which stimulated further play as you win more and more systems.

While the graphics are decent, it’s nothing Earth shattering, and I could not figure out why the developers didn’t put more time into fleshing out the game, especially the sound system. If you play the federation, you hear similar sounds being repeated, at some point your cadet will shout out “For Earth!” while you blast away enemy ships, which another player correctly points out makes little sense considering Earth is but one planet in the Federation. This is outside of the logistical plot problem that the Federation would not be conquering other races as this contradicts their manadate of exploration and peaceful co-existence, but hey, it’s a game…

The only problem is that even if you utilize all the resources available to you like the 3 super weapons and/or credits used to build up your fleet, a few tactical miscalculations and your opponents (especially the Klingons) will wipe you off the face of the galaxy.

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Not worth the rent

posted by ThorinHG (UKIAH, CA) Feb 13, 2008

Member since Oct 2004

Weak. I've been a Trek fan for years and even if I had never heard of the show(s) I wouldn't enjoy this one. The graphics are outdated, the voice-overs are flat and the fact that it's just an all-out mindless fight-and-hold fight-and-hold gets real old in about 20 mins. The only thing I liked was watching the little photon torpedoes move toward their targets. Sorry Trek fans, no living out your Star Fleet fantasies here.

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