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Very Good

Much better concept than ST: Encounters, but

posted by Hexpane (Daly City, CA) Nov 26, 2007

Member since Jan 2004

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Star Trek Conquest screams budget from top to bottom. Looking at the credits, there really wasn't a lot of manpower behind this title and it shows.

There is strategy/sim here, and its slightly deeper than say Star Wars Battlefront (conquest mode) but if you are looking for Starcraft or even Advance wars, you will be left wanting.

In fact everyone playing this game will be left wanting. A strat game w/ the option for Trek branded arcade battles sounds great on paper. But when you only have 5 programmers to make it happen, and a handful of artists. You end up w/ a skeleton of a game.

However if one approaches this game with the mindset that it is a $15(new)game, compared to offerings on PSN/XBL it holds up ok.

The 'arcade' combat is actually straight out of encounters only dumbed down to complete 2D now, no bathtub sinking and rising in pseudo 3D anymore. This is flat plane chase and shoot.

There are some nice welcome features tho, the ability to control a 'fleet' in real time, switch between ships, auto sim battles etc... Nice touches.

The problem is in the core balance w/re: to Star Trek lore. The defiant class Federation ships for example are simple 'scout' ships w/ weak weapons, shields etc... Any true Trek fans know this is not the case, the Defiant was a tank built for war that is supposed to have the strongest hull, weapons everything is designed for war.

In fact the entire premise/goal of the game is to "conquer the galaxy" not exactly in line w/ the prime directive. Entering alien space without reason w/ a fleet of Voyager looking ships, wiping them out w/o provocation is not the hallmark of Trek federation morality.

But there it is. Build stations, conquer, and engage everyone else in simplistic 2 stick shooting.

It would have been 100x better as an online, $10, multiplayer XBL/PSN game, but that can be said for a lot of games these days.

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Is Bethesda even trying anymore?

posted by SpaceMonk (CAMERON, MO) Nov 24, 2007

Member since Mar 2006

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Ok, i will start by saying im a big Trek fan. If you do not like Star Trek, or have just a passing interest in it, avoid this game at all costs.

That being said, this game is a train wreck that seems to have been abandoned but not shot and put out of its misery.

It feels like Bethesda needed another game to justify their license, looked around, found some programmers who weren't doing anything and decided to make a weekend of it. Cause I gotta say if this game took longer than a weekend to make, every one at Bethesda needs to stop. Stop right now and give up. Get up walk right out the nearest exit and dont look back, you being in the game industry is just bad for every one. Sorry its just better for every one if we just end things now.

The first red flag was the price. $20 for a new game left me feeling like I was being tricked,
but like a dope addict I was lined up waiting happily for the next pile of garbage this genres guardians would dump on me. In the end I have only myself to blame. Perhaps if I would have gotten that letter writing campaign off the ground to petition that 'Insomniac', or 'Naughty Dog' take the helm of this franchise, then mabe things would be different.

This game almost makes me long for the days when activision was in command. Avoid this game.

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Above Average

Call this Star Fleet Battles and you have a deal

posted by catfish182 (COLUMBUS, OH) Nov 30, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

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This game is mis titled. Call this game star fleet battles which is based on a old roll playing game in the 80's. google it and see. Anyway if you keep this in mind it is packaged correctly for 15 bucks. there isnt a whole lot to it but it is a nice get away for a bit.
The star trek nerd may not like it as it seems information on this game was gathered by people that never really watched many of the shows. Races from different times are added and devices are labeled for something they really are not. (genesis device for one) and the star fleet characters they pulled are lame as (well you get the idea) This game does not shock me though as the star trek empire is currently in suck mode right now anyway. Wait for the new film and the good games will role in.
Take this game as a lite (very lite) risk with star ship combat and its a fun game. Take it for a star trek game and you might regret even renting it.

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