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Star Trek: Conquest

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Kinda Lame

posted by csaw111 (DAVISON, MI) Jul 2, 2008

Member since Nov 2002

This game was awful, the battles are not fun and the micromanaging is tedious. Even if you are a big trekkies this game just is not very good. Waste of a rental space. I wish this game had never gotten into my Que.

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Fun for about 3 hours.

posted by DarthMogri (CANOGA PARK, CA) Jun 12, 2008

Member since May 2008

While this game was enjoyable for a short period of time, I am happy that I was able to rent it, because if I had bought it I would be very upset.

This game seems like it would be more at home in the Xbox Live Arcade or WiiWare. This title is pretty much what amounts to a pretty Flash game.

In Campaign mode you are able to choose one of eight factions to control. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Once your side is chosen you must effectively conquer the galaxy and wipe out your enemy (or enemies depending on what settings you choose). When battling over a star system, the user is given a choice to simulate the battle (with what I assume are complicated equivalents of dice rolls) or to go into Skirmish mode and deal with the enemy yourself.

Skirmish mode is by far the weakest point of this game. It just isn't fun and plays like a high tech version of Asteroids. I stuck to the simulations myself.

There is also a quick Skirmish option in the main menu if you want to forego galaxy conquering antics and get straight to the fighting. As you can imagine, I used this mode only once.

All in all I played two campaigns. One was an approximation of the Dominion War where I controlled the Federation against the Cardassian Union, the Dominion and the Breen. The second was an old school Alpha Quadrant showdown where I controlled the Klingons against the Romulans and the Federation.

As with most strategy games, the key to this game is resource management. While this is fun, once you learn the tricks, it becomes all too easy.

The two campaigns played out very differently due to the difference in the advantages and weaknesses of the two races I controlled. This is one of this game's strengths.

Another strength is very authentic and cool designs for the management menus. Each race has its own style and they are true to Trek.

Try this out if you are a Trek fan. This turn based strategy game isn't bad. It's just not good enough to buy.

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Popcorn fun for about half an hour

posted by hendric (AUSTIN, TX) May 23, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

ST:C is like half a game. The Arcade portion of the game is reasonably good, but the strategic portion of the game is abysmal.

For the arcade portion, the action is reasonable, but could use some jazzing up with more unique things per race (like cloaking!!!). Starbases are pathetically weak, and cheap to build. Ships don't really require any strategy other than weapons on full, and aiming ahead of your target. Rate the arcade portion a 6.

For the strategic portion, the play is terrible. You are limited to three fleets, and they cannot be in the same location at the same time, and cannot transfer ships. All ships have to be part of a fleet, so the only way to repair damaged ships is to purchase replacements or wait for them to heal. With only three fleets, it's nearly impossible to defend your planets. Once your three fleets are full of ships, there is no place else to spend your credits. Give the strategic portion a 2.

Mining colonies cost so much and return so little in income (taking 5+ turns to make back what you invest), they are practically useless. The best investment is research colonies, which give back real results. Even so, there are really only two races, those with Genesis devices, and those without. The GD is a twinkie weapon, and once you get enough research colonies to deploy it every turn, the game's essentially over.

For a non-Genesis device race, build nothing but Research facilities, and upgrade your ships as much as possible, and always purchase the largest ships.

There isn't much else to really give out on this game. With no multiplayer, the replayability factor is close to nil.

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