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Star Trek: Conquest

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Very Good

Not as bad as you'd think

posted by IncubusJax (MAPLE VALLEY, WA) Jan 6, 2008

Member since Sep 2007

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Space, the final frontier, but none of that matters because this is ST: Conquest!

It's like the Game of RISK, but Star Trek Style.

So here's the setup - the universe has gone to poo, and now it's every man for himself. If you choose a conquest game, you get a game board. For example, I played Federation, so I started out with Earth and the Voyager. You get three types of ships - Galaxy, Voyager and Defiant. I won my "conquest" with Galaxies.

You get three "Fleets" of Nine Ships, and each world can have a starbase, turrets and either a research or mining facility. All are important.

You take your fleet, and you move it to a hostile controlled planet and then you go into 3D battle mode (or you can let the computer decide - fighting yourself always turns out better for you).

In 3D mode you can tell your ships to fire at will, but that never works. Pressing the down arrow tells them to go defensive and up tells them to go offensive but stay in formation. Either way, keep them in formation. It's the only way. I found a standard hit and fade tactic worked best and beat the game that way.

The game if fun, because it mixes that "risk" style board type gameplay with 3D battles - which gives you enough of both worlds to play.

It's a renter for sure, but fun enough. You can tell it was very hastily thrown together, and the video will only output at 420i, so if you're running a 420p, you will be downgraded for this game.

But, not a bad rental if you like Star Trek give it a shot, it's a fairly easy game to play and there is some fun to be had here.

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Simple but fun

posted by Jonny1500 (BROOKLYN, NY) Dec 15, 2007

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This game really is aot of fun. the only problem is you can master and complete it in under 4 hours. There is almost no replay value, as there are only two maps and no multi player. BUT, it is alot of fun while you are working through it the first time. This game has so much potential, if only the programmers had worked on it a little while longer. Worth the rental.

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Really Bad


posted by jlalb06 (LONG BEACH, CA) Feb 17, 2009

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I got this game mainly for my husband as he's a major Trekkie fan. We both found it boring and didn't get what the point of the game was. You buy ships then you move your game piece on a board (map)then fight whoeever is there. Then you wait your turn to move again. It just wasn't holding our attention. Perhaps you move to various locations on the map where there are certain symbols or something. I got tired of hearing this one's for Earth when fighting over and over again. It got annoying pretty quick.

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