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Star Trek: Conquest

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Enjoyable for strategy and boardgame lovers

posted by solarsoar (FAIRFAX, VA) Oct 3, 2009

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I did enjoy this game. I'm a Star Trek fan so the context was fine for me. The graphics are nice. And it's simple to play. The only issue I have is choosing the Breen as one of the major players instead of the Borg. The multiple combat schemes (either you get to control the ships, or the ships run through long simulation, or the outcome is determined instantly) allow you to choose how involved you wish to play. Nice to see a Wii game with these strategy aspects to the gameplay. Rare I think for the Wii.

I can understand for those who are not into simple strategy games that this game might seem lame. Place this game is the context of Risk or Masters of Orion, and you'll have an idea of whether you'll like it or not.

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Conquest yes, Trek no

posted by soundscape (KENNESAW, GA) Dec 14, 2007

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What we have here is an all out war simulation. The entire STNG galaxy is at war with one another. As a combat simulation, I really did enjoy it. However, that is not what I have come to expect from the "keepers of peace". Gone is the humanity of the series that seeks to find the answers to the deeper questions, instead you simply have a hack n slash in space. If you are looking for challenging play and scenarios that derive from the intelligent interplay of species depicted in the world of Trek, turn back. This is simply a battle simulation in which all worlds are out to control the galaxy (even the federation).

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Really Bad

Not Logical Captain - Clearly not made by a Vulcan

posted by Shazbot (BROOKLYN, NY) Dec 7, 2007

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Imagine , if you will, a three sceene episode...

Scene 1:

The Captain stands at a purchase screen in a Starbase purchasing new ships, mines (the dig in the ground kind) and defenses. Having exhausted his credits he beams back to the ship for.....

Scene 2:

"Navigator, show me the star charts" he says. Examining the limited map of known space the Captain picks a likely nearest star system with a low ranking - (he has them ranked by a crude 1 star, 2 star etc system which must have been collated by a robot drone probe). "Engage" he says with a characteristic hand movement and the ship smoothly moves into the system. Cut to...

Scene 3:

The Captain is troubled. He is confronted by an alien force and must make two crucial decisions.
Firstly, whether to retreat or fight and secondly if he fights should he do so under manual control or let the mew supercomputer installed by time travel back to the first series (think about it)control the fighting. As he is no wimp he opts for manual control.

The fight starts and something is clearly wrong. "Engineer, why are we spinning around in circles?". "Cap'n, the front of the ship appears to be tied to a black hole in the center of the screen, I cannae get away from it. Even when I engage the full drive of the engines all I do is move slightly toward it" the Engineer replies.

"Well that will make it very hard to fight as the enemy ships seem to be able to manuever at will and come in off the screen in any direction. Oh well fire at will and do your best." the Captain sighs.

Epilogue: Captain either wins or loses and return to repeat the episode from Scene 1 - and repeat and repeat....


Now if that seems a really bad concept for a TV episode then it should - and it made a really bad game too. While I've obviously hammed it up that is a reasonable description of how the game goes if you are watching.

20 years ago there was a game called Elite for PC, ST, Amiga - that should have been this game

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