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Star Ocean: The Last Hope


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Also on:PS3
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6916 ratings

Gameplay Controls

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Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Directional Pad
Select. Change Control Mode.
Left Thumbstick
Move. Select.
Right Thumbstick
Move Camera
Click Left Thumbstick
Toggle Lock On/Off
Click Right Thumbstick
Position Camera Behind Player. Toggle Camera Mode.
A Button
Talk. Examine. Normal Attack. Confirm.
B Button
Harvest or Mine Items. Use Disintegration Ring. Jump. Blindside Charge. Cancel.
X Button
Sprint. Activate Rush Mode.
Y Button
Display Main Menu. Display Command Circle.
Left Bumper
Talk. Examine. Change Characters.
Right Bumper
Point Camera Northward. Change Characters.
Left Trigger
Toggle Autorun On/Off. Activate Chain Combo.
Start Button
Switch Between Small/Expanded Minimap. Toggle Battle Map On/Off. Skip Cutscene.
Right Trigger
Switch Between Walking and Running. Activate Chain Combo.
Back Button
Toggle Minimap On/Off. Toggle Battle Map On/Off.