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Star Ocean: The Last Hope


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Good content, poor exicution

posted by swimspud (HOUSTON, TX) Jan 20, 2014

Member since Aug 2013

I had high hopes for Star Ocean, and was found wanting. The story is gripping, by far its best quality, but it did not make up for the huge shortfalls. The insanly tendius runs between story elements with an incredible amount of monster encounters nearly drove me mad! I put a solid 22 hours into the game hopeing for more, but all I got was more of the same dam encounters. Over and over and over again. In this aspect i was reminded of the old FF games, but times 5.

Another detraction was the annoying (and sorry for the term here) "japanees-ness" of the charictors. Very spesificaly the little girl who says "kay" in every fricking sentence.... Other than that I really enjoyed the charictors and wanted more, but I couldn't get over the tedium of monster encounters.

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Don't waist your time!

posted by TheMissingCard (CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA) Oct 15, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

I couldn't even get through the intro training tutorial, before I was bored, frustrated, and no longer interested. Couldn't tell you about the story, because the gameplay was SO bad I never saw more then the opening story.

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I don't hate this game. A bit of a grind fest.

posted by SapphireLibra3 (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Sep 9, 2013

Member since Aug 2011

I'm on the second disc of this game, and I actually sort of like it. It has a few issues here and there, but nothing really glaring.

Story wise it's pretty good. I will say that some of the voice acting is pretty bad (kay?) but nothing unbearable in my opinion. I actually like making fun of bad voice acting as long as it isn't all through the game. It isn't Shining Force Neo bad (because that game's voice acting IS unbearable). Another plus is that I feel for the characters. I think toward the end of the first disc (I can't remember when) Edge, your main character, makes a HUGE mistake that messes up a lot of people, and he feels horrible about it. I won't spoil it for you, but you know that part in Tales of the Abyss when Luke destroys an entire village? Edge messes up A LOT worse.

Gameplay wise, my issue is interesting. I don't have a problem with the controls, and I actually think the battle system is fun. I only have two problems with it, both are minor. One issue is that it isn't multiplayer, and it feels like it should be to me. Another issue is that the difficulty level of the battles is at times ridiculous, for me at least. Maybe I'm not playing it right, since no one else seems to have this issue, but that's just me.

I say give it a shot. Warning though, you WILL grind in this game... A LOT.

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