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Star Ocean: The Last Hope


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Very Good

Very good, but...

posted by Insomnia (REDDING, CA) Apr 1, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

I'll keep this short:

Only for fans of JRPGS

Fun combat combat with a wide variety or strategy, weapons and skills

Ok storyline

Very stylish visuals

Laughable dialogue at times

Terrible camera(honestly one of the worst cameras in close spaced areas)

Ok item menu

Awful out of combat controls(you can only walk and run, no movements inbetween, have fun trying to open those treasure chests!)

I only played 11 hours of this game before shipping it back(people state it's about a 100 game) not because I couldn't handle the awful camera and movement, or the lackluster dialogue.. but because of the game constantly freezing! It ended up freezing so often it caused the game to become unplayable.


Besides the freezing I'll give this game a solid 8, due to it being a refreshing JRPG for the xbox.

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good rpg fix for the xbox

posted by wildabeast (CASPER, WY) Mar 26, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

great game very slow paced though I found that kind of a turnoff. the battle system is easy to learn but needs more to add to the combo system and I didn't like how I was not able to choose my target the computer just picked one and thats that. the voice acting was enough to make me hang myself. A character named Lymle is the worst one on the voices that will make sense if you play the game. the story line was good but I knew who the last boss very early into the game I don't know if I am the only one ore if anyone else figured it out. good game in the end especially if you are an achievement gamer there are tons that take forever to get. I give it a 7

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Xbox finally has a good title for RPG fans

posted by Grendel22 (MANSFIELD, OH) Mar 11, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

When I first started playing the game I was a little apprehensive about the battle system because I was worried that I was just going to be hitting the attack button to win every battle...turns out I was wrong.

The battle system in this game is fresh and detailed. The leveling system is very easy to grasp and if you learn the right skills you can chain together your best combos to create some devastating attacks (I don't know what the one review is talking about saying you an only use two in each battle). There are plenty of different directions you can take each character as there are plenty of different skills you can learn and apply to the battles. Weapon synthesis allows you to continually improve your weapons and armor.

The storyline was well developed and I found myself caring about these characters by the end of the game. The cut scenes are well done and add a lot to the game.

The only reason I didn't give this game a 10 was because of some graphical design problems I noticed in the cut scenes. I played the game on HD and noticed that the characters hair wasn't very well done and that during certain cut scenes the characters seemed more wooden then they needed to be...other than that this was a great game and must play for RPG fans.

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