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Star Ocean: The Last Hope


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GF Rating

Very Good

Great game, horrible story.

posted by PikiPaka (MIAMI, FL) May 31, 2009

Member since May 2009

The game has fast paced action, well semi I would assume. Its very easy to get used to. The spells and variety of weapons is also pretty good. But it just seems I'm using the same weapon, with different designs. Your skills and spells will influence how you fight, sadly you will not be able to influence how your attacks are with your weapon. The plot and story I must say is HORRIBLE. I find my self skipping the cut scenes to skip 20 minutes. Over all this game is a good rent, I do not recommend buying it at ALL though. The replayability just seems just horrible.I wouldnt go though this game more than once.

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GF Rating


Possibly best RPG out of ALL next-gen systems!

posted by Guiatine (RENTON, WA) May 29, 2009

Member since Dec 2006

This JRPG is truly amazing! I have played my share of RPG games and never has any plot, or the game itself, amazed me SO MUCH! This is an absolute MUST-PLAY if you enjoy RPGs and own an Xbox 360. Another nice thing about this game is you don't have to play the previous 3 to understand the plot or the game itself. The ending is a bit cliche so if you don't like fairly saddening endings it may be a bit "Heart-breaking." As to game-play this game is a bit of a cross between Kingdom hearts and Final fantasy. The combat system is real-time (Run around the battle field attacking whatever monsters you happen to be against.) The story is very long, infact, on my first run through on the "normal" setting for the game it took me over 40 hours in real time to complete the main story. And after that there are 2 post-game dungeons that in total take about 10 hours more to complete. This game will keep you busy enough to buy it IF it captures your attention. The beggining is a bit repetitive but it DOES form into something amazing if you give it a chance to do so.


Graphics: 9/10 Very unique, intresting, monsters, atmospheres and characters.

Controls: 9/10 Nothing wrong with them but could have been a bit more though out in my opinion.

Plot/Story: 10/10 AMAZING I actually cried in the end haha... But not just the ending is amazing the entire story held my attention and not many games do that for me.

Sound: 10/10 The sounds for this game are top-notch not just the sound effects either. The various battle-themes, Dramatic themes, and such are telling you what to feel in the form of amazing music. If I had the money I would most certainly purchase the OST of this game.

Overall score: 10/10 If you JUST have an Xbox 360 I would completely reccomend at LEAST renting this game. It TRULY is amazing.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Fun RPG game for people that can take RPGs

posted by CG0882 (PITTSBURGH, PA) May 12, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

Star Ocean first of all is an all around good RPG game.. The game is long enough to keep you busy for days and days going from different planets running around killing many different enemies.. The graphics of the game are not bad at all..The characters look good and are well put together...The enviroment of the game is also set up well...The fighting action in the game is fun but can seem the same alot, also be prepared to be fighting every time you make a move..Being able to upgrade your team, make weapons, and make recipes is a cool feature...
The bads are the story mode can be long at times (because of JRPGs) making you feel like your watching a movie... Another thing i didnt like was trying to find a place to save the game, if you have to stop playing for some reason good luck finding a a place to save if ur somewhere lost...

This game is well worth the rent for PRG lovers and also if you have the money buy it, its worth the price.. The length will pay for the game itself.

Game Play--8

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