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Replay value but somewhat generic

posted by RangerDW (BURR RIDGE, IL) Aug 9, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

I've spent about 140 hours on this game so this is what I have:

-Awesome Battle system: Probably the best real time RPG battle system out there with countless variations on what you can do...8 characters to play with and blindsides are just too much fun.

-Graphics are stunning at time but bad textures lead you to wonder what system you are on.

-Music can be perfect at times but seem very generic most of the other times. Only a few select tracks that I really enjoyed...and i'm a big time RPG music fan.

-A ton of replay value: If you are a completionist this game is for you...140 hours and walking away with 500 achiev's after two playthroughs...seriously 2 post game dungeons and trying to take them on on any difficulty setting is hardcore...let alone the hardest.

-The storyline was pretty good considering nothing recently other than Lost Odyssey has really inpressed me...then again I grew up with the old school final fantasies and games like Xenogears so my bar is pretty high.

-The English dub wasn't terrible in my opinion but some characters like lymle or sarah can really get on your nerves....just way too many "kays"....but I have deffinantly heard worse. If you are a FMA fan mustang's voice is in this! =D

Overall this is probably the best JRPG on 360 this year and the gameplay alone keeps this one standing against the others.

Here's the deal:

Graphics: 7/10

Overall I gave it a 7 on Gamefly rating.

If you like RPGs alot and want a challenge go for beating this bad boy on chaotic otherwise if you play it once you probably won't get what this game really has to you know I did NOT die once on the first play but could not believe how challenging it would become when I continued. It may feel very generic but even with all the frustrations you find yourself continuing to battle at it. Good luck becoming the Ethereal Executioner!

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GF Rating


Star Ocean The Last Hope

posted by Kjun11 (LAFAYETTE, LA) May 1, 2009

Member since May 2009

46 out of 68 gamers (68%) found this review helpful

The Combat and Leveling of this game is awesome, but, what's an RPG without the main character playing an awesome Role in the story. Anyone 18 or older will probably think this story is lame, to say the least. Not only is the story lame but the characters are stupid, and so are their names. The story seems to have been written and directed by a 10 year old. One thing that aggrevated me the most was that the characters constantly said each others names before they would talk. Or if someone would complement or say something nice, instead of saying thanks or something a normal person would say, they look at the person that was giving the complement and just say that persons name. Another thing is they repeat things other people, like if some says"Look up there" the other person would say the say the same thing only slower, "Up..........There"


EDGE: Raimi what or we gonna do?
RAIMI: Edge, if we try hard we'll figure it out.
EDGE: Your right Raimi, what about you Faize?
FAIZE: Edge, Raimi, thank you for letting me join you.
EDGE: Faize.
RAIMI: Faize, your always welcome. Your our best friend.
FAIZE: Raimi.
EDGE: That's right Faize, we couldn't do this without you.
FAIZE: Edge.
EDGE: Faize, Raimi, we need to head into the vortex.
FAIZE: The............vortex?
EDGE: Yes Faize the vortex is going to show us the way.
RAIMI: the..........way?
EDGE: Yes Raimi, it will show us the way home and save everyone.
FAIZE: Save.....everyone?
EDGE: Yes Faize, we'll save everyone, it's our last hope.
RAIMI: Our....Last.....Hope.
EDGE: Yes Raimi, out last hope.

This is an example of some of the worst dialogue ever put into a game. I rate this game a 4, because a RPG, should have a great story. Rent this game only if you like to skip the story, but then, why are you playing a RPG.

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GF Rating


Can't complain.

posted by Sherlock (IMMOKALEE, FL) Jul 17, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

If you like Final Fantasy then you love this game. Pretty much had the same setup as FF, and the cinamatic clips were awesome aswell. Although they do tend to get long, when all you want do is just get on to the fighting, luckly you can chose to skip the clips and continue with your objective. Boss battles are intense sometimes and can get lenghty, if you do have the right pple on your team. Other then that I can't really complain. But you guys and gals would have to see for yourselves. Enjoy!

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