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Star Ocean: The Last Hope


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Also on:PS3
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Chaos Mode

Beat the game on Universe Mode to unlock the Chaos Mode difficulty.

Universe Mode

Beat the game on Galaxy Mode to unlock the Universe Mode difficulty.

Secret Dungeon Cave of the Seven Stars

Beat the game once, then reload your save file and enter the door that's up the stairs on the left after the final save point. You'll fight the Undying Dragon. Beat the dragon and you'll get the Darkness Ring. Then, go to the Colosseum in Tatroi and go to the left on the first floor down the hallway. You'll see a glyph on the wall there, use the Darkness Ring and you'll find the entrance to the secret dungeon.

Wandering Dungeon

Defeat Gabriel Celeste at the end of the Cave of the Seven Stars. Then go to the elevator in En II and go down to the Old Road to Sanctuary. Talk to Barago and he'll take you to the entrance of Wandering Dungeon. There are 20 randomly generated floors here, and you can't leave or you'll have to start over. Once you defeat the Ethereal Queen on the 20th floor the dungeon goes on forever, just repeating the 19th and 20th floors again and again.

Battle Voices, Set 1

Get 30% of any character's Battle Trophies to unlock the battle voices, set 1.

Raise Level Cap

Collect 50 battle trophies with any character to raise that character's level cap.

More CP

Get 100% of battle trophies to get more CP.

Voice Collection 2

Get 75% of any character's Battle Trophies to unlock the voice collection, set 2.