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Star Ocean: The Last Hope International


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Also on:Xbox 360
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Gameplay Controls

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Star Ocean: The Last Hope International
Directional Button
Select. Change Control Mode.
Left Analog Stick
Right Analog Stick
Move Camera
X Button
Confirm. Talk. Examine. Normal Attack.
Square Button
Sprint. Activate Rush Mode.
Triangle Button
Display Main Menu. Display Battle Menu.
Circle Button
Cancel. Harvest or Mine Items. Use Disintegration Ring. Jump. Blindside Charge.
L1 Button
Talk. Examine. Change Characters.
L2 Button
Toggle Autorun. Activate Chain Combo.
L3 Button
Toggle Target Lock
R1 Button
Point Camera Northward. Change Characters.
R2 Button
Switch Between Walking and Running. Activate Chain Combo.
R3 Button
Position Camera Behind Player. Toggle Camera Mode.
Start Button
Switch Between Small and Expanded Minimap
Select Button
Toggle Minimap. Toggle Battle Map.