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Star Ocean: The Last Hope International


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Also on:Xbox 360
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GF Rating

Very Good

how i would rate this game

posted by dragonknig (SHARON, PA) Apr 9, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

i'll be rating the game play as i play the game so ill be changing it when i beat the game ok
scale 1-10 1=worst 10=best game ever made
graphics 7
controls 5
text or sub titles 6
fighting 8 (needs to beable to use skills easyer)
CS 9 (cut scenes)
action 7
sound 8
replay 5

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GF Rating


Very fun for those new to the Star Ocean series

posted by ZzXK44 (TUCSON, AZ) Mar 4, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

Honestly a bit confusing at the start but once you get first 4 people and start using tactics it is very easy to get into the combat system and work with it. Really once you get your first healer it is pretty easy to just set tactics on everyone else and just play one. The story is a bit wierd and confusing but it is pretty original at least for me. Controls are a bit clunky but doesn't take away from the playability of the game. 9/10

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GF Rating


Incredible game - ESPECIALLY for fans!

posted by ff7fan11 (MARCELLUS, NY) Feb 28, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

While there do exist some minor flaws in this star ocean title (flimsy camera at times/less than spectacular ENGLISH voice actors) the great points of this game and the genre that spawned it remain shining. An involving, refreshingly sci-fi story and interesting character, and flawless and endlessly fun battle system, and a awe-inspiringly huge game make for a pretty great experience.

I need to get this straight - I loved the star ocean on the ps2. It had its faults, like the voice acting, but it very enjoyable. This is everything that that was but revamped ten fold. The graphics are incredible, the characters much better, the story more involving, and the battle system... well.. it's brilliant. It's THE most fun battle system in an rpg i've ever played. It's the old one with so many additions and polished aspects, it just never gets old.

One more thing I absolutely and positively love that is exclusive to this ps3 version: JAPANESE VOICE ACTORS!!! I've only DREAMED of this addition to an rpg, I never really thought itd ever be included. If you understand the difference between the flimsy, effort lacking, ridiculously stupid english voice acting in almost all jrpgs/animes, you know what an asset this is. The japanese actors, mostly since I don't speak the language, always play off as serious and much cooler. The subtitles are nice and if you know anything about dubbed versions of games/animes you'd know they need to readjust the mouth animations. This makes the english versions look fake and forces the animators to make the characters talk in a disjointed, all around stupid manner... before I keep rambling I'll leave it at this: PLAY THIS GAME WITH JAPANESE VOICE ACTORS! IT'S MUCH BETTER AND ENJOYABLE. It literally makes the story more fun to watch unfold.

All in all I don't see anything wrong with this game. I for one enjoy the long cut scenes it includes and the dungeon crawling; the combat is a blast and so is every part of this game! RENT IT NOW ALL RPG FANS

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