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GF Rating


Good Graphics, Good Story, But......

posted by Ranger1964 (WANTAGH, NY) Aug 7, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

A decent game except for how easy it was. Saving games except when logging off of the game was completely unecessary. I did not suffer a complete group kill until exploring the hidden dungeons after the main storyline was over.
Besides this sad fact, the rest of the game presented itself well. The graphics were decent, although I have seen better. The story was good with a couple of unexpected twists, and this was the main reason I finished the game at all.
A rental from gamefly rather than buying this one is what I would recommend.

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GF Rating


great game to play in your free time

posted by DarthBlood (MORGANVILLE, NJ) Jul 31, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

great graphics - it's your standard xbox360 graphics. nice cutscenes, nice background, etc

good music - the music is good, although sometimes i find myself not even noticing it...(is that a bad thing?)

has lots of different things to do - over 60 hrs worth of gameplay, including all sidequests. probably 70-80 if i did the 2 optional dungeons too.

decent voice acting - a lot of people seem to hate lymle, sarah, and meracle for their voices. i personally never hated lymle and meracle cuz their voices are just so cute and fit their characters perfectly. sarah on the other sounded like a guy speaking with a falsetto tone...

item creation - i had the most fun inventing recipes. you basically just put up to three chars into a group and let them brainstorm. depending on their stats (stats as in their affinity to a certain type of inventing...example smithing, cooking, artistry, etc), they will invent a brand new recipe for you to use!

the sidequests - completing the shop orders were really fun. they were difficult, without a doubt, but i did spend most of my time trying to do them all.

private actions - it was FUN watching these. especially the ones involving meracle and edge. it was really cute and makes you wanna go "awwwww"

the endings - special bonus endings for each char, depending on how much they like you.

gathering materials to complete quests take a long time, up until the middle of the second disk

edge's whole character development - basically, after a certain event, edge becomes depressed little beeyatch. he becomes emo. he hates himself, he hates the world, he keeps blaming himself...GOD i hated him so much that i actually skipped a cutscene...for the FIRST TIME.

no warning for certain events - at the second world, if you don't check a guide, you'll be surprised to find that you just lost a bunch of sidequests after a certain event happens. if you're really into achievement points, you'll be so frustrated

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GF Rating


Fantastic Reimagining

posted by SirRain84e (SAFFORD, AZ) Jul 31, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

As a fan of the remakes on the PSP, I am greatly pleased with the way Last Hope was directed. Great storyline. Gameplay is mastered. Well worth buying for any Star Ocean fan. Especially now that it is on PS3.

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