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The Last Hope is extinguished.

posted by Isalon (SOUTH PORTLAND, ME) Aug 11, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope is the most disappointing game in the Star Ocean universe, and I have played - and beaten - them all to this point.

Getting from points A to B with a laughable sprint system to try and quicken the process of crossing a decent sized map is time consuming. They needed a REAL transportation system - or a constant sprint, not a dash. Running around would be OK if there were a transportation system involved - I don't consider a hopping bunny slower than my character a good transport.

Half of your time with side-quests will be running here and there, painful without at least a town-to-town transport system as you play through the game. The other half of side quests, the "orders", basically are a waste of time through grinding/farming. Gather 10 of this. Kill 30 of that. If I wanted that, I'd play WoW.

Battle is enjoyable, although the AI doesn't come through when you need them to. Seriously, Sarah? Cure Condition for poison, when two party members are dead? The AI does a decent job of being aggressive, I can say that much.

My big issue with this game doesn't lie in the side-quests, the decent crafting system - farming required - or even the AI. My issue remains with the final boss, who has over 3 million hp, and can 1-shot your entire party with 1 move. An official guide suggests a party level of 50-51 for this boss, and my party died at level 62.

Good job stringing gamers along and then shoving their face in the mud, Square-Enix. Thank god I didn't buy this game. I did, however, dump 60 unfortunate hours of my life into a game that I could't beat, and I refuse to go farm ten levels just so I can have a chance at beating the (TOO overpowered) final boss.

Do yourselves a favor and DON'T rent this game unless you're masochistic. This gets 1 out of 10. You wouldn't read a book, watch a movie, or enjoy a sports game where you couldn't see the ending, right? Same concept. This game is broken. Thanks, Square-Enix. I want my 60 hours back.

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unplayably lame--EPIC FAIL

posted by flametroll (DAVIS, CA) Aug 29, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

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I love games like this and really enjoyed star ocean for the ps2, BUT...
The camera angle is frustratingly disfunctional. The cutscenes are boring yawners with no action. I can't believe this is made by square enix. The graphics are good, but the interface with your character is whack. No auto saves are lame, when you have to back track and replay the same lameness. I kept resisting the urge to immediately send the game back. I would not waste my time buying or renting this game again.

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Final Fantasy Wannabe

posted by Mathazar (WASHINGTON, NC) Aug 9, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

One final fantasy is enough for anyone...

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