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i love this game!!!!

posted by peterce1111 (EAST LONGMEADOW, MA) Apr 6, 2013

Member since Apr 2012

i pretty much am obsessed with this game and have loved it so much!
there is nothing wrong with it.
it is 20 years after first departure. so the charaters are different.

i recommend u rent first departure then this one to feel with the storyline so you don't get confused with both.

this game has two modes: claude and rena:
claude mode is where you play as claude a boy whose 19 and the son of ronaex kennedy, he gets sepurated from his dad by accident (i do not understand wat happened he just randomly teleported) but pretty much in his mode u return to his dad.
rena mode: this mode is about a young very cute 18 year old girl who can pretty much heal in battle (use healing symboligy) and she searching for her real mother.

when u play this game play both modes to get a feel to both characters, look up guides for recruitments on party members etc. etc. on youtube there is some walkthroughs (best ones are from sephiroths awakening) thats all folks!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great gameplay makes up for a weak story

posted by Iamnobody (WILMINGTON, DE) Sep 23, 2011

Member since Jul 2008

SOSE represents the first Star Ocean game I've ever played. It was certainly an impressive introduction to the series, but at the same time it falls well short of perfection.

Let's start with the positives. Star Ocean has one of the expansive character customization systems I've ever seen. Every character can achieve up to ten ranks in literally dozens of skills that lead to specialties, which then further lead to Super Specialties. The usefulness of these skills/specialties varies heavily, but there is a certain entertainment value in increasing your character's Whistiling skill even if you're never going to need it.

SO's party development is equally impressive. It's possible to refuse every single party potential party member in the game except protagonists Claude and Rena. Don't like a character? Just tell them they can't come along and you'll never see them again.

Finishing up the positives is SO's "Private Action" system. This lets you take your main character into cities alone, leading to some interesting cutscenes and events that would not otherwise be possible.

And now for the negatives. First off, most of the voice acting in SO is downright awful. While Claude and Rena are usually passable, several other party characters and major NPCs were almost physically painful to listen to. There is no option to turn off voice acting.

The voice acting is certainly not helped by SO's convoluted mess of a story. The first half of the story is actually reasonably well-done, but it all ends up feeling pointless after a mid-game plot twist. The second half of the game feels like something ripped out of Scientology and features distractingly bad physics even for Sci-Fi, poor level design, and extremely little new plot/character development.

But in the end, these significant flaws are not enough to ruin the game. The battle system and the sheer amount of customization are more than enough to make up for lacking acting and writing abilities on the part of Square.

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GF Rating


i didnt even make it to the first fight

posted by nettlc (LANSING, MI) Jul 10, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

well, first i started playing the guy's story but i had to stop because the voice acting was sooooooooooo bad. so i started over playing rena's story. shes not as annoying to listen to but i found myself pounfing the x button the majority of the first 45 minutes trying to get past all the boring dialog. i eventually just got sick sick of it, popped it out, and im waiting to send it back.

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