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surf the stars

posted by jakeob (SACRAMENTO, CA) Oct 2, 2009

Member since Apr 2008

star ocean 2 is a great game it has a stroy that would make the creators of star wars and star treak proud that and the game has such a great boss battles tat make ninja grand games[nes verson] look as ancing as having to go to the bank.

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Above Average

pretty much the same as the 1st game

posted by dulun21 (CHANDLER, AZ) Aug 25, 2009

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new characters, storyline (not so great though) and some other things.. but. overall it's like a clone of the first game.

also. if you are having problem with some enemies.. plz note that in some battle you suppose to hold out for about 2 minutes while some. you supposed to die.

if you a RPG gamer.. then it is a decent game to add to the collection. Don't expect much from the story though..

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decent remake/update

posted by thinkbomb (KAYSVILLE, UT) Mar 23, 2009

Member since Mar 2007

Overall this is a pretty good remake of Star Ocean 2. The game's aged considerably well (all things considering) from the PS1 days, so while there are some unimpressive moments, on the whole it's pretty good

The game gives you two different options for your main hero, but the stories are mostly identical (it mostly changes whose head you're in thought wise). It centers around a young space captain who gets stuck on an undeveloped planet (no space ships for them). So he ends up saving the world for them, and there's also a young priestess type who's looking for the truth on a number of the planet's mysteries. Standard fare, but it's pretty well executed (if obscenely wordy at times).

For the most part these are brought back from the PS1, though fans of the original will note the following differences:
- Anime sequences to help with the story, but the direction of these sequences suck and carry less impact than the original in-game-engine cinematics carried ... sad.
- Portraits for dialogues have been added based on the look of the new anime sequences. These help out the story considerably since it's more interesting to look at than the b-grade chibis for the hour-long dialogue bits.
- Mulitple camera angles have been re-shot (still using the original 3D models). These help format it for the PSP and also correct some of the angle problems of the original.
- 3D models of the items are replaced with still images. Smart move since I have no idea why they were 3D in the first place.

The two main characters are actually fairly superb. Claude has his faults but does provide an entertaining performance. Rena Lanford actually has the best performance in the game and is top class, very well done. The rest of the cast is satisfactory to let-downs, and some of the NPCs provide bad readings that are flat out hilarious. Overall though they did do a pretty good job of the voice casting.

exactly the same

So yeah, fairly easy recommend =)

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