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Finally Another Good Star Fox!

posted by Johannes (WILKESBARRE, PA) Oct 8, 2006

Member since Oct 2005

I'm a huge fan of Star Fox, and have bought every one of them without question. I hated Adventures, and didn't really like Assault, so I thought Star Fox was done, but when I got this one, I was pleasantly surprised. Please don't listen to the people who say they hate this game because it wasn't as good as Star Fox 64. This game was very good, with no major flaws.

Graphics: As far as graphics go, there's nothing wrong. In fact, they're quite good for the DS. Graphics aren't a big concern of mine in games, so I have no other comments here.

Game play: The stylus control is odd at first, but give it time. At first, I could hardly beat the first level, but now it feels great to play the game with it. The only problem is, that when I barrel roll, I feel like I'm scratching the screen, but it seems fine, but this problem still took a point off my score. As far as Wi-Fi goes, it's hard to find opponents sometimes, but that's about it. The single player is unique. It's strategy based. I may be biased here, because I like strategy games, but I really liked it.

Length: Long enough, but not the longest game ever, but, then again, I think that's for the best. When games get too long, they can get boring. Replay value is good, but it could have been better.

Sound: I liked the music here. There is no voice acting, but I didn't like recent Star Fox voice acting, so I guess it's not such a bad thing.

Story: Ah, the control the story, by which path you take thing. I love that in games, and It fits pretty well with Star Fox. The story isn't exceptional, but it's not bad at all.

Overall: Minor flaws in the game play make this game less than perfect, but still a great title.

Graphics: -0
Game play: -1
Length: -0
Sound: -0
Story: -0

10-1=9 Final Score: 9/10

Rent, Buy, or Ignore: It's certainly worth a buy for me, but it's a little different from classic Star Fox games, so fans may want to rent it first, to see if they like it.

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Starfox Command

posted by Xblue2 (LA HABRA HEIGHTS, CA) Sep 28, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

Make the game for sale.

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Who's in Command?

posted by dasilodavi (WATERTOWN, MA) Sep 27, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

I like DS games. I like Star Fox. It stands to reason I would like this game, and I did. However, there are problems I have with the Star Fox line, and with DS games, and this title mamages to include both.

The gameplay is fun, the FIRST time around. But if you're at all interested in seeing all the endings and using all the pilots, you'll be playing through this game at least 8 times. Even with dialogue skipping this is a pain. SF:C tries to alleviate this by changing up the into levels, but that loses its novelty quick. The game also loses some focus when your home ship starts following different people. Why does Slippy take command? How does Star Wolf hijack the Great Fox? Who knows, or cares, I guess.

The DS line also has a way of either over- or under-using the dual screens. In this case it's the latter. I like flying my ship with the stick sometimes, but did it have to do everything? I've got 4 buttons, a pad and phoulder triggers, they don't all have to fire the gun! One of them could be boost, one could be brake, the touch screen is a tool, not the whole freakin' system. And what's the use of a radar if your hand is blocking the bottom screen?

The single player is fun, but it could have been more elaborate. No doubt this game was designed to appeal to the multiplayer crowd, and since I did not have the opportunity to try it out I can't say anything to that effect.

This game is fun, but I feel like some minor tweaking could make it even better. Worth a rental, or purchase if you adore the multiplayer.

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