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posted by drunkyb (FORT WORTH, TX) Aug 29, 2006

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I am very happy to say Fox has returned to his roots of incredible gaming. I'd heard rumors that the game was based entirely upon touch screen control, and I was scared. Trust me, the rumors are true and are not a problem. The touch controls work perfectly for flying Fox's ship, and honestly make the game more fun than any previous version. The action is very fast paced, the story is very involving, and the game is all around great. I believe this is the best Star Fox game ever made, even above the Nintendo 64 version. I only give it a nine because it isn't the absolute best game ever, but trust me it is well worth either your rental or definately worth your purchase time. Graphics A plus, story A plus, is Star Wolf in the game? Yes. It is all good, Fox has finally returned home.

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One of the best DS games EVER!

posted by smalowman (ACTON, MA) Sep 1, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

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Star Fox Command takes all the things that made Star Fox 64 great! The flying is controlled by using the stylus. I first thought that it was gonna be hard but after the first training flight it becomes very simple. Doing flips are easy to do too, just tap on the the screen to either do a loop or a half loop. There is a new attack called the roll where you do allot of rolls to deflect shots or to take down a mother ship, to do a roll you simply move the stylus back and forth. Another great addition is the fact that you will be asked to make choices through out the game to either go to one place or another. At first you can only do certain choices because some are locked, but after you beat the 3 hr story mode you can unlock the other choices witch lead to 9 different endings depending on witch ones you pick! Unlike the other star fox games there is a little turn based strateagy in there too. you use the toch screen to guide your pilots on a map of what looks like an over head view of the planet, to enter battles you guide the pilot to the enemy and then you enter a battle. This gives you a break from the flying. The story in Star Fox Command is great and is always leading to new suprises! The amazing 3-d graphics are the best ive seen on a hand heald ever! The reason i didn`t give this game a 10 is the fact that the battles are too easy and if it wasn`t for the turn based strateagy i would have given it an 8. Also i beat the final boss in the time it took me to tie my shoe. The pilots in the game speek giberish so that stinks too and there is a feature where you say a couple words into the microphone and the characters talk in your tone of voice, that would be cool if they didn`t speak giberish! The wifi play rules! Its alot of fun to dogfight with other people online. Overall Star Fox Command is a solid DS title and if you likeed the others youll like this one!

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Just didn't work for me...

posted by SapphireLibra3 (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Nov 5, 2011

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It's rare that I don't like a game, but I just didn't really like this game. It wasn't awful to me, but I'm not going to lie, I was very disappointed with this. The game play wasn't Star Fox to me, and the story was so difficult to follow. Krystal was really OOC (Out Of Character) to me and I didn't understand why people had the Great Fox when they weren't with Fox. Like when you have to play as Star Wolf at a certain point, and for some reason, they have ROB and the Great Fox with them. WHY?! They aren't with Star Fox!

All in all, I just didn't understand the game at all. You can play it if you want, but in truth, I didn't care for it.

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