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Star Fox: Command


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Alternate music

Finish the game with all endings to change the title screen and main menu music to that from Star Fox 64.

Key Of Destiny

After finishing the game you will unlock the Key of Destiny. This allows you to access new endings.

Unlock Bill Grey

Take the path to start the "Falco To The Fore!" mission.

Unlock James McCloud

Take the path to start the "Dash Makes A Choice" mission. James McCloud does not appear until near the battle's ending.

Unlock Katt Monroe

Take the path to start the "Pigmas's Revenge" mission.

Unlock Peppy Hare

Take the path to start the "Andross's Legacy" mission.

Hard mode

Finish the game.

Super Hard mode

Unlock all four endings.


Finish the game.