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Spyro: The Eternal Night

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Also on:GBA, DS, PS2
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Despite The Direction; Actually Fun! Worth A Rent!

posted by miko25 (LARGO, FL) Dec 17, 2007

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I need to shed some light on this game!!
I know most will not like hearing this but the new direction they took actually (sort-of) payed off. It is like Crash Of the Titans (9); because of the similar gameplay. Just like you I am a long time fan of the series and (DO PERFER) the collecting and more simple gameplay. However there are some issues like the camera (granted you can adjust it) but it is difficult when you are in a corner fighting 2+ enemies at once. That brings me to the other issure is that sometimes it does take a few times to make it through (straight through would be to simple and not worth playing). Lastly is that the game is short, has bland graphics and too easy puzzles. Sure it has it's shortcomings but the good outweighs the bad. All in all you will have a few hours of enjoyment and is worth your time. You won't be (AS) dissapointed as most of the reviews let you believe.

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Long Live Spyro

posted by Quickfeat (POULSBO, WA) Dec 29, 2007

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My sister actually got this game for christmas and I couldn't keep myself away. I played it for a few minutes and I couldn't put it down. This is one of those games where you can't let it go till it's done. The controles are farelly simple and it is one of your basic level games. It seames simple when you first pick it up, but when you actually get indepth into the game, it WILL make you think "What am I gona do next".

However, there are some parts to this game that will make you want to apear on "wiihaveaproblem". For instance, the fights with many enamies are kinda trickey to navigate and the boss battles are just stupid hard. I actually thought a few of them were impossable untill I remembered some of the new abilities spyro gets. Also, the directions are not entirly clear sometimes. Most of the time, it's kinda "figure it out for yourself" ish, and other times, it's really simple.

Just remember to tie the WIIMote to your wrist good and tight and make sure you have a good, tight grip on the nunchuck and you'll do fine.

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Glitch filled mess, but fun on occasion

posted by malkav (CASTRO VALLEY, CA) Oct 31, 2007

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I've been a Spyro fan for a long time and have played every one of the games. This was a mediocre blip on the radar. Like the last game, it was woefully short. It seems like the only thing they did this time to make it last longer was have ridiculously difficult bosses that take many tries to overcome. Many of the battles were incredibly frustrating because the bosses had one hit kills on you, or if you were hit once, Spyro became so stunned that it was impossible to get out of being hit a second or third time. Glitches pervaded the game, and the Wii controller did nothing to enhance the gameplay at all -- merely contributed to the glitchiness. Any puzzles were ridiculously simple and dull. On the positive side, the voice acting was excellent and the game became much more enjoyable once Spyro obtained the Electricity power, which obliterates enemies easily. Time control was another fun aspect. On the whole, it was a frustrating experience, but a few enjoyable moments were to be had.

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