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Spyro: The Eternal Night


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There Once Was A Dragon

posted by AkbarNYC (NEW YORK, NY) Oct 29, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

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I hate to say it, but only because it is so easy. This latest incarnation of Spyro is a clear indication of what happens to a really fun game when it is run through the grinder.

When Spyro was born, we were introduced to a fun, likable character with a funny sidekick. We were presented with a solid, engaging story line and innovative gameplay that challenged us just enough not to ruin the experience.

That was years, and developers ago.

Spyro has become an empty shell devoid of all enjoyment. Gone are the days of flying through hoop race tracks, running through mazes at top speed. Gone are the good ol' days of collecting eggs and being introduced to other dragons.

We now find spyro in an arena environment more suited to Ratchet and Clank where the object merely seems to be "destroy everything."

Puzzle solving plays second fiddle in this game.

The big problem is, the controls, and Spyros' skills are rarely up to the task. It's a clumsy setup with a clumsy fighting system supposedly "enhanced" with matrix-like slow-mo stupidity in an attempt to make the game look better than it is.

It doesn't work.

Simply put, it is a chore to play this game. It is a waste of time, and it is no fun at all to play.

Every single aspect of this game screams "FRANCHISE!" I hear there is a movie in the works. I hope they find better writers.

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posted by Harlot (Hermansville, MI) Mar 28, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

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I do not like this game AT ALL. For one, it doesn't follow the storyline nor originality the first games had. The enemies are too hard, the tutorials suck and the characters are slaughtered. It's VERY disappointing and I just... Hate it.

I've been a Spyro fan since the first game and this just... Spits on what the original creators had. I hate this game, period.

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it feel like a repackaged game.. than a new one..

posted by dulun21 (CHANDLER, AZ) Oct 17, 2007

Top Reviewer

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if you play spyro before then you probably know. This game is the sequel to Spyro: the new beginning. Beside the new story and some new moves.. there is little change in this game compare to the previous one. Also, the name of the title is "eternal night".. so expect to spend some time in dark environment as spyro explore the environment in the game. Graphic looks a little degraded from the previous game, gameplay is pretty similar as well.. as for the story..well spyro search for his lost powers.. and then beat up the evil villian. It didn't take me long to feel bored while playing this game. Don't get me wrong but spyro games seem to aim toward children under 12 or something.. because i have a 12 year old in the house. He likes Spyro: the new beginning, but this one.. only spend about 1 hr before stop play. This is a surprise since he's the kind that will not stop holding the controller when started to play unless being forced to! Anyway, i guess the PS2 is reaching the end of its life :( but all the up coming release titles... only a few worth looking foward too. i guess an upgrade to the current gen. console is in order :/

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