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Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon


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This game just hurts!

posted by kitlynne (OTTERVILLE, MO) Sep 20, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

I grew up with Spyro, I was 8 when the first one came out, and have played every game. If you have any love at all for Spyro, skip this trilogy completely.


+ Spyro can fly

+ While normally 2 player single screen games suck, I appreciated the story line (the dragons being forced together by a chain) keeping my attention from hating my partner for not letting me move.


+ Sypro can fly --- it's very hard to control, very limited, and it's hit and miss whether it even works half the time.

+ The camera is WRETCHED.

+ They tried to introduce "Combos" into the game, which is okay I suppose, but they're confusing, and you normally end up just button mashing.

+ The button mashing thing above leads you to a boring game, because as the enemies get tougher, you don't. You upgrade some skills, but not near enough to make the game fun.

+ Battle sequences are long, boring, and they never change. Also, you can't follow them. You can barely see where you are, and who you're fighting... Again, just mashing buttons.

+ This is NOT Spyro, this is not who Spyro is, and this is not what we fell in love with Spyro for. There are no mini games, no 'funny scenes', no comedy at all, sparx is just annoying, versus a helpful teamate, etc etc. I appreciate them trying to make Spyro 'grow up', but they comletely destroyed him in the process. The Spyro games were about puzzles, worlds, mini games, and just fun. This game is a linear game of nothing but hordes of 'bad guys' and button mashing. You don't even have to think!

+ Oh and one more, Spyro and Sparx used to be a team. (remember sending sparx underground to shoot the badguys anyone?) Now half of the game he's not even with you! And when he is he's just flying with you. Not one time is he a part of the game, except for talking.

All in all I vote 8 because I hold a special place in my heart for Spyro, and the concept is okay. The animation is great I guess.

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posted by GoreWave95 (ELDORA, IA) Jul 7, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

The copy i recieved kept freezing when i tried to pause or when i died so i only got to the second chapter but i give it 10/10

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posted by wills03 (HARRINGTON, DE) Jun 18, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

This game's controls are very bad and you cannot get very far into the game because of it.

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