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Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon


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Fun at first, but loses flavor fast...

posted by poke4597 (ATLANTA, GA) Jun 13, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

6 out of 8 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

OK, this is going to be the format for all of my future reviews. I have always been into fantasy, and have owned the Spyro Gameboy game for years. I decided to give this game a try.

Graphics:6/10-The graphics are rather sub-par for a 360 game, but they are not bad. Tne fire attacks in particular look rather impressive, as do some of the environments.

Gameplay:4/10-The game is confusing, frustrating, and after a while, boring. Being stuck to your partner sounds fine, it sounds like extra help in your next battle. But your parter hardly helps at all, and is much more of a hindrance. The game often gives you nothing to deal with and lets you fly around for about forty-five minutes looking for one thing that leads you to find something else so you can go back to the first, which may have moved by that get my drift.

Story:5/10-From what I have read, the story of the trilogy is quite good (Dawn of the Dragon is the final game in the trilogy). The problem is, I had to read about the story online, because the game gives you almost no information on the previous two games.

Multiplayer:5/10-I liked playing this game with a friend, it made the game seem more fun and less tedious, and certainly helped out more in fights. But, you were still chained together, and Player 1 HAD to be Spyro and Player 2 HAD to be Cynder.

Length/Replay Value/Difficulty:4/10-This game was pretty hard, but not hard in a good way. It wasn't really a challenge, but it was hard to fight the same enemies over and over and to find pointless objectives with no information on them. There is very little replay value, and if the game was played in full, it would be rather short.

Final Score:5/10-Average-This is an average game, that has some fun but loses it too quickly. I think Spyro fans would like it, and people who played the rest of the trilogy would want to finish it, but it wasn't right for me. Rent it if you like Spyro, but I wouldn't buy it full price.

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posted by jaguar7676 (TITUSVILLE, FL) Oct 6, 2009

Member since Nov 2004

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Since when did Spyro become a fighting game? The camera angles are terrible and being chained to another dragon will cause you to keep dropping. I had high hopes for this, but was very disappointed!

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Legend of Sypro

posted by Danie1T (NEWNAN, GA) May 18, 2009

Member since Apr 2008

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This game is completely beautiful on the storyline. Also this might be the only game in history to bring a tear to my eye. When Cynder at the end after defeating Malefor says, "I Love you!" in the whisper tone. It put chills down my body. Other than the great storyline. The elements are great when upgraded fully. Sypro is the best in his own way and same for Cynder.

Things To watch For.
1. Camera usage.
2. Flying ablilty.
3. Lag holes
4. Heavy supplies
These will help you threw the game

Thing to help Out.
1. Sypro's Earth Element is great fully upgraded.
2. Cynder's Poison Element is great fully upgraded.
3. Grabbing (B)
4. Air Grapping (A, B)

Please make a Second Sypro based game for the future. Completing Sypro was a great time and sucess.

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