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Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

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"Dawn of the Dragon" falters with bad controls

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Dec 18, 2008

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This is the first time in the Spyro series that boasts true flight. Problem is, Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon does not have true flight controls in it. It has glide controls instead.
And they are awful. The game designers put a fixed height where Spyro/Cinder glides along. I can't go much higher or lower than this height, which makes reaching platforms aggravating.
To get to those platforms, I would have to run along walls and/or climb up vines. Controls for these feats are clunky and imprecise.
Besides, to say again: If I can fly, why can't I just fly up to that platform? It makes the game very tedious and frustrating.
Another problem is the combat which is nothing more than mashing the B button and giving the Wiimote a shake downward. It's simple fun, but it gets far too repetitious.
Besides, I was looking for aerial combat where I take on a squadron of baddies or fly around the big bad guy, shooting at him with fire, ice, wind, poison, and other great magical spells. But no, there's no such combat to be found here. It's a wasted opportunity.
Another wasted opportunity is the story. Instead of giving a gripping story on how Cinder tries to break away from her evil past and a possible romance between her and Spyro, we get the standard "Stop the bad guy from taking over the world."
Dawn of the Dragon is reported to be the last game in the Spyro series, and I'm guessing it's for all the wrong reasons. SKIP IT.

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Big dissapointment

posted by kingkool (LARCHMONT, NY) Jan 8, 2012

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The third game in the new beggining series should have been a fitting end for the series, but instead choopy controls and a confusing story line ruined it. The first thing that struck me about Dawn of the Dragon was how similar it was to LotR the two towers. It used the same combo counter and armor power-up gimmick as lord of the rings. But, your on four legs and attacking is more confusing and less affective. The controls for flying sucks and you're tethered to Cynder so you can't fly too far away. And that's another thing. This is a Spyro game. I dont want to play as Cynder. I know I wrote a bad review of Eternal night, but that was when i didnt know what a good game was. The format of the first two were so good, and they messed it up really badly. But, the game had great graphics, and offered a two player option.
If you really want to see how the series ends, or just REALLY liked LotR two towers, then rent this game.

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SPYRO (warning spoiler)

posted by hazelheart (EVERETT, WA) May 27, 2011

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i have been playing spyro ever since it came out on the playstation 1 and this one of the best spyro game EVER!! i like that they kind of made it like a movie ever time you finish a level. the only thing i have to complain about is through out the whole game im trying to keep spyro alive but at the end he sacrifices himself to save the world because its breaking apart literally it was breaking into 4 peices sooo that was really disapointing for me but other than that it was a fun game i personaly would not buy the game even though i liked it because once you beat the game you cant do anything eles except try to unlock the bounus stuff or see the credts over and over again or start the game all over again soo i would just rent it and try to beat it.

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