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Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon


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posted by JonnX20 (PORT HUENEME, CA) Oct 9, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

I would like to give this game a proper review but I can't cause its been on low availability for what seems like years

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Spyro's Adventure

posted by TinyWeeReview (TOMBALL, TX) Feb 20, 2014

Member since Feb 2014

i liek spro i am 10 and i realy love this game becase of the actin and grafics. spyro shoots fire and i realy liek dis game and i hope u will to

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Really Bad

Failure...Just Pure Failure

posted by weimerman61 (DAYTON, OH) Sep 12, 2013

Member since Sep 2013

Let me begin by saying I grew up with the original 3 PlayStation Spyro the Dragon games. I had beaten the second one to 100% completion so many times I began working on a walkthrough, and I was only something like twelve or thirteen. I played the fourth one, but it was immemorial. I was excited to get Dawn of the Dragon, even though it's five years old, because I never had a desire to play it until signing onto Gamefly. To the review- this is a disaster. I am strictly using the older games as a model, of course, but to say this game is playable is giving it too much credit. Exploration is gone. Absolutely none in this game, which made the other games so appealing. Maybe it lost luster with me because I'm an adult now, but Spyro is quite the weakling in this game, even though he's older too. Cynder isn't the best partner, either. The enemies are ridiculously overpowered and YOU WILL DIE OFTEN. Getting 100 percent in the game is actually really tough. Sparx makes another appearance, except he has no real place in the game and at many cutscenes is annoying. The level design is poor and the unexciting landscapes repeat often. You spend much time underground or on burned lands. The platforming sequences are horrendous at best, and even though you can "fly" in this game unlike the older ones, you'll still find yourself climbing and jumping everywhere due to a magic "wind" that keeps you from easily soaring to unreachable places. Sigh. It is a sad rendition. Oddly enough, the final boss battle isn't too bad and the ending is actually a very memorable one. Unfortunately, that doesn't save the many problems this game has...and I didn't even mention the camera that seems to be against you the entire game. In the older games, you were able to control the camera at any time, but it seems this awful sequel decided to cut that out. Shame, really.

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