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Spyro 3: Attack of the Rhynocs


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

How to beat floating Ripto

Use Charged Tornado in back of the statue with green eyes. When Ripto charges the attack to deflect it back at you, run behind the statue. Ripto will be destroyed. With the blue one, charge up the Ice Breath. Go behind it and attack Ripto. When destroying the red eyed one, charge up the Flame Breath. Go beside the statue, attack, and run behind the statue. Ripto will destroy that statue.

Extra gems

Find a banner with Ripto's face and burn it.

Music change

Go to the Thieves' Guild Secret Cave and pause game play. Go into the Journal, then press B to return to the game. You will now hear the music which plays in the Main Guild Hall. REMEMBER: This can also be done in other dark rooms with the music on their levels.

Kangaroo Hoodoos

To get one heart you must defeat ripto who is in the cave of the kangaroo hoodoos.