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Spy Hunter


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Also on:PS Vita, Xbox, 3DS, GC, PS2
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Delete saved games

In the copyright screen, push Left, Left, Right, Left, R, R.

Delete high scores

In the copyright screen, push Up, Up, Down, L, R, L.

Chicken blood

In the mission selection screen, push L or R to switch to special agent mode. Begin a game, then push Start to pause your game. Then, push Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, A. You will hear the sound of a chicken if you have entered the code correctly.. Resume the game, and chickens will turn into blood.

Getting cheats

Look in boxes, side roads, and places you do not often go to find cheats. They resemble yellow stars. There is one per level. The cheats are:) Infinite Stealth, Infinite Turbo, Unlimited Machine Gun Ammo, Unlimited Rockets, Unlimited Special Ammo, Higher Top Speed 1, Higher Top Speed , Super Armor 1, Super Armor, and Alternate Cars. The alternate cars are a helicopter, limo, old car, weapons van, armored blue 6 wheeler, 18 wheeler cab, and Hummer.

Unlimited turbo

Finish all primary objectives in Super Agent mode.

Unlimited stealth

Finish all primary and secondary objectives in Super Agent mode.