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Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run


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Also on:PS2
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Gameplay Controls

Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run

Directional Pad Up= Primary Weapon. Down = Defensive Weapon. Left = Secondary Weapon. Right = Secondary Weapon.
Left Thumbstick Steering. Targeting.
Right Thumbstick Up =Accelerate. Down = Brake.
A Button Accelerate
B Button Fire Side Weapon
X Button Brake. Reverse.
Y Button Initiate Salvo Mode
White Button Fire Defensive Weapon
Black Button Flare
Left Trigger Fire Secondary Weapon.
Right Trigger Fire Primary Weapon
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Directional Pad Up = Select Grenade. Down = Select Grenade. Left = Select Weapon. Right = Select Weapon. Right (Hold) = Pick Up Weapon.
Left Thumbstick Move. Crouch.
Right Thumbstick Aim. Look. Click to Zoom.
A Button Activate. Reload. Grab.
B Button Roll
X Button Light Punch. Holster Weapon.
Y Button Heavy Punch. Stun Punch (While Holding).
White Button Block. Wall Hug.
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