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I thought it was better than most people say.

posted by Grox10 (MONTGOMERY, AL) Feb 14, 2010

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It's a good game. It's differin't from original spore, though. In this one, you interact, do quests (Missions, quests, goals, whatever ya wanna call 'em lol), and other things like that. It's like a mix of creature stage and tribal stage, they're kinda in the creature stage gameplay, but tribal stage-ish story. The battles are in an arena, rather than in daily adventures. People say that is a bad thing, but personally, I think it's more fun that way. In this game, if you fight someone and win, they respect you: They don't hate you. The dancing and singing are hard to explain, kinda hard to do at first. The creature creator is differint, not worse though. Sometimes it can be kind've annoying, don't get me wrong. Some of the game is puzzles, but still good if you don't like puzzles. It is kinda short though. I beat it in about 2 days. Although after you beat it, you can go back to the areas and complete some of the overall goals that you may have missed before. I liked it. Overall, I think it gets 9/10, but only because of the annoying parts caused by the wii controls.

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Above Average

Even Spore needs a hero

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Dec 9, 2009

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Spore Hero is an action platforming game that both succeeds and fails. That may be as unique a description as the concept.
As the story goes, you begin as a little blob who hatches from an egg that was found in a meteor rock. Now, you have to defend and beat up crazy critters that inhabit your new home on the way to defeat an evil creature that came off another meteor rock. Makes perfect sense so far.
In order to proceed through the game, you need to gain new and better abilities. By completing quests, you receive new parts you can add to your avatar. Some of these parts will give you the power to glide, swim, charge, jump, spit, regenerate and more. These allow you to access new areas or beat more difficult foes. Being able t develop your creature and evolve it to more powerful forms is a unique and enjoyable experience.
Much of the game is pure platforming. You acrobatically navigate the landscape, collect crystals, compete in mini-games and take on some enemies. All of your battles take place in an arena rather than being done while exploring. This seems less intuitive, but it works.
There are some considerable load screens between sections. Also, the mini-games rely heavily on the Wii motion-sensor. Singing and posing (actual activities) rely on holding the Wiimote in certain positions, which doesn't always work as well as you'd like.
The world itself is nicely rendered. It looks alien and yet organic. The character models are as varied as you'd expect from the Spore license, as are the areas you'll explore. Every time you upgrade your creature, you'll find that the finished product is well-rendered. However, the editor can be frustrating when you try to add parts, as there is no zoom.
The game itself is pretty short. You can easily beat it in a day (I did). Unfortunately, after you finish and construct your dream creature, you have basically nothing left. With little replay value and an odd premise, it's good for a day, but not any longer than that.

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great game with few downsides...

posted by jjohn2478 (CARLSBAD, CA) Oct 7, 2009

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Since everyone is rating this game a ten and not bothering to write a review, I figured I would take care of it. My immediate impression is that this game is great. Within a few minutes you are creating a character almost from scratch. The character creator lets you change almost every aspect of your creature. You can move where the eyes sit, place a mouth or mouths wherever you want, change your creatures leg structure and placement. This unfortunately, looks like the best aspect of the game. The graphics are typical Wii, the battle mode is horrible, and the story seems like a last minute thrown together thing. It is a great rental and as I have only had it a day...the other aspects may get better. I'd check it out...

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