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SpongeBob's Truth or Square


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Above Average

Good for kids

posted by SergeantPope (CHARLESTON, IL) Nov 7, 2009

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If you like and watch Spongebob, youll like this game. This game has a weird story line, which basically goes all over the place. You have to hide the secret formula to the krabby patties and you forget where you put it. Which makes you sad and when youre sad, you cant remember things for some reason. So you have to think of good memories and get yourself happy by replaying through the best memories. Kind of weird huh? The controls are fine, but the camera goes kind of crazy sometimes. I dont really think the health system works that great. The graphics are pretty average for this kind of game. The average person shouldnt really try this game out, but if you have kids or you are a kid, try this game out because youll most likely like it.

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GF Rating

Above Average

It's fine I guess.

posted by ingame14 (HILLSBORO, OH) Nov 14, 2009

Member since Nov 2009

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I played this game in hopes that it would be like my favorite spongebob game. Spongebob Squarepants battle for bikini bottom. I loved that game still love it I don't know if anybody has played it but I loved it. Anyway this game was nothing like it but it wasn't really bad either. The story is that the krusty krab is having it's eleventy seventh anniversary at spongebobs house. Mr. Krabs asks spongebob to hide the secret formula so plankton won't steal it. Spongebob hides it but forgets where he put it. Which makes him sad so he can't remember where it is. plankton offers to help spongebob find it and spongebob accepts. Plankton takes spongebob back to his lab and plants tiny robots in his brain. To look through his memories to find it so he can steal it. But plankton breaks the remote that controls the robots which by the way are the enemies you fight so he go's into spongebobs brain himself to manually get the secret formula meanwhile spongebobs friends (patrick star, Sandy cheeks, Squidward tentacles, and Mr. Krabs) try to help him remember by cheering him up they try to cheer him up by reminding him of memories and good times the have had together (these are the levels you will play through) which are all supposed to be after T.V episodes though the levels are nothing like them there are three acts and a total of 10 levels at the end of every level you get a happiness object and at the end of every act you fight a boss in every level you will collect coins which can be spent on furniture upgrades health upgrades and costumes for you and your friends after a level is beaten you can always replay it by looking at the scrap book you do this to gain extra happiness objects but the levels will be kinda dull for anyone over the age of nine. and this game will be kinda dull for anyone over the age of nine though this game played great it was kinda boring for me some levels (maybe 2 or 3) were interesting to play but most of the levels looked the same hope this helped.

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Not bad, but not great either...

posted by m4st3rd0n (TAMPA, FL) Nov 2, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

7 out of 9 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

The overall game play was pretty simple and fun, the controls are very easy to use, and the graphics were great. The bad is the co op was terrible, U play with Plankton which is stuck to Spongbob (controlled by player 1) and you go where he goes and cant really do anything but shake enemies and turn coins evil, and the game was only 2 - 3 hours long.

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