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posted by crazydriver (MCKENZIE BRIDGE, OR) Jun 26, 2014

Member since May 2014

The game is fun, enjoy making others cash.

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Above Average

It's okay...for about 20 minutes

posted by MrHaru (VIRGINIA BEACH, VA) Jan 17, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

Now mind you it's not that this game is bad. It is BY NO MEANS a bad game. I forget the review that stated this, but the quote went like "Split Second only has one trick up its sleeve, but at least it's a very good trick." and for the most part that's actually true. The EXPLOSIONS (or I basically call it the summoning of Michael Bay) that sell this game are what set it apart and it actually changes the game quite thoroughly compared to other racers (or kart racers if you talk strictly about racers that use items).

However after going through 4 full "episodes" (Of which each episode has 5 events in each) I just felt like the game was a chore. After going through these events, I had only seen what felt like the exact same 3 tracks over and over. Doing the races themselves isn't that hard to achieve first place in, but if you're doing the "Elite" race then expect some serious Mario-Kart tier rubberbanding. It's very frustrating. Did you know F-150-sized trucks are faster than sports cars? Apparently Split/Second thinks so.

Anyways, the events other than races are either downright ridiculous on timing for first place (like Detonator, which I hate) or (like the missions where you avoid missiles or red barrels). I don't like either of those because the splash damage of explosions feels off. You can literally drive into a falling barrel or missile but it won't hurt you at all: you drive off like it was just a small shockwave. But if you so much as sneeze near the direction of an explosion that occurs 20 meters away from you: BAM your car is wrecked.

It makes no sense.

...and as much fun as I was having with the game, I always had to force myself to get back into it for some reason. Eventually the game just became a chore and honestly if a game is making me feel like it's a chore then it's not fun.

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Very fun game

posted by Lisaweatherly (GREEN LANE, PA) Sep 1, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

First I would like to start this out by saying this game has great replay value. Yes it does not have the most levels or maps to play. But with all the different ways for destruction to happen, the replay value is through the roof. Multiplayer is also very fun.

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