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split second

posted by winston98 (BALTIMORE, MD) Jun 12, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

it was ok but some cars have bad handling and it can be frustrating 30.00 worth of frustrating

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The Overhyped Racing Game

posted by Decifle (LEMOORE, CA) Jun 11, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

Split Second has a lot of game mechanics going for it. High speed racing mixed with large explosions. However there are a lot of problems with the way the triggering of explosions works. As you drive along and build up your power meter or whatever its called, you'll see a blue icon above other racers. This icon indicates that you can brutally slaughter this opponent in fiery death, crush them with a bus, take them out with a hydrualic crane, or detonate an entire as station. This sounds totally awesome but the game tells you exactly when to trigger the explosion. This allows you to not only eliminate your opponent and pass them. The rest of the field gets to pass them as well. You dont always start in last when you get blown up but you'll be there soon. You start so far back from where you died. The trick to winning this game is not be in first but to be in last and eliminate every racer in front of you by blowing them up. Since there are little icons that tell you when to screw somebody by pressing A. This game is not as good as people say it is. It's not about racing skill its about your reaction speed to pressing the A button

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id give it a 8.5 if I could

posted by lawlimbad (GLENDALE, AZ) Jun 7, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

This game overall id say is very fun, its one of those games you can just pick up and start playing, you dont really need to "learn" how to play like with other games. If you happen to play split screen with friends or family its really quite fun, a racing game with the ability to blow up the car in front of you makes you need to pay attention at all times. You kind of have to plan ahead where you are gunna drive or else your counterpart may blow up some cars to your left, or the building on the right, or the air traffic control tower up ahead. If you make a wrong move you explode, and then you get passed.

The gametypes are incredibly fun, especially...and ive forgotten the name...the one where you are racing behind a bunch of semi's and they drop explosive barrels at you. This can be extremely competitive considering its difficult, and you can sometimes get on a good winning streak and completely decimate your opponent.

The downsides of this game are, as others have stated, AI cars will always be better than yours, they force you to not just turn this into a racing game, but use your events. If you try and purely outrace your opponents you will lose, you have to blow them up or take shortcuts or do course changes. The AI also have the special ability to pit maneuver you, which happens often if you arent careful. Its VERY annoying especially because you cant do it back to them, in fact youll just spin out again if you try. If you spent most of the race tailing behind someone and you finally pass them only to have them barely tap the back of your car its slightly annoying to have your car at that point swerve out of control, hit a wall, and explode.

1. Very fun game, especially with friends on split screen.
2. You dont really have to learn it to play, just pick up the controller and go(There are really only 4 controls needed to play)
3. Can be frustrating with the AI always being faster and pit maneuvering you.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this game.

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