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GF Rating

Very Good

Blowing up opponents make this racer a blast

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) May 30, 2010

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"Split/Second", the newest racer from Disney Interactive, is a blast to play. Literally. Fill up your meter by drafting, drifting, and jumping, and then you can trigger an event to take out your rivals. This does take a bit of timing, however. Trigger the event too close to yourself and your car becomes a smoldering wreck. There are plenty of varied environments through the 12 episodes to race through and cause mayhem in- construction sites, cities, power plants, shipyards, and airplane graveyards. Some of the scenery does repeat, and it's nothing very innovative, but there are plenty of hazards to trigger. Graphics are fairly good, with the environments being nicely detailed and the particle effects with the smoke, flames, and explosions is well done. One problem for some may be the light glare- it can make things difficult to see at times. Also, when things do start going boom around you, you may find yourself distracted by the mayhem and plow into a wall. It's a minor complaint, though, and it does force you to pay attention. There are plenty of cars to unlock (like the Burnout series the cars are all fictional) and the events to race in are varied- standard races, time trials with a twist, eliminators, aerial attacks (dodge those missiles!), aerial revenge (Throw missiles back!), and each episode has an elite race, which you normally have to place 3rd or better to advance to the next episode. The cars handle fairly well, though there is the occassional slowdown. The problem is that while fun, after a few episodes it does get repetitive. If your penchant for blowing things up and wrecking cars is great, this may be worth the purchase, as there is a fair amount of gameplay here (72 events are spread out in the career mode, then there's multiplayer, both off and online). However, if you find you get bored with repetition, then this would fare better as a rental. Either way, it's worth the look.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Arcade racing and over the top destruction

posted by zombieorc (GRASS VALLEY, CA) Jun 12, 2010

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This game is the very definition of over the top arcade racer. Pulling off dangerous driving maneuvers such as drifting or drafting other cars will build up a power gauge which can be used to detonate elements in the environment that (if timed correctly) will destroy the other racers.
You can compete in several events ranging from the classic race and elimination formulas, to new events such as demolition where you race against the clock while the track explodes all around you while you try to survive to the finish line. In another event you will try to race past semi trucks that try and drop explosive barrels and blow your car up.
The controls in Split/Second are tight and simplistic. R2 will accelerate your car while L2 applies the brakes. Tapping L2 causes your car to drift and your drifts can be controlled by slightly adjusting R2 while drifting. The face buttons triggers the explosions that are called power plays. However simplistic the controls may seem the timing involved in controlling drifts and executing power plays adds a lot of depth to the game play. Although fans of hardcore racers my find these controls a little too simplistic, fans of games like burnout will feel right at home here.
The graphics in Split/Second are great. The explosions and destruction are well rendered and look fantastic when tearing down the track. The cars are also well rendered and the reflections on each car dynamically change depending on your cars surrounding. Car destruction is also very satisfying as when they are destroyed they explode into a million pieces and go flying all over the track. There are also tons of unlock able cars that all possess different stats and handle differently. You can change the colors of your cars to what ever you like in between events.
Split/Second is an enjoyable racing game for those who like arcade racers and over the top destruction. Although some hardcore racing fans may find this game a little too unrealistic for their tastes.

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GF Rating


A Real Blast!

posted by Animator22 (SAN JOSE, CA) Jun 17, 2010

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I was really hyped about this game and I wasn't disapointed! To me this is a combination of Burnout and Stuntman. The driving physics are awesome and drifting is as simple as tapping the break then controlling your gas. I have no clue why some people say the grapics suck but they are awesome! I just love triggering a route changing power play from far away then see it unfold when I approach. What I really like in single player is to see an instant replay of the event and see it crush the other cars. I also love the survival events where you dodge barrels being dropped off the back of semis. You only get points when you pass each truck. It keeps you on your toes and can really help with hand eye cordination.

But heres a few downsides to it and I know others have said it. I would not recommend playing online unless you complete and unlock all the cars. If you jump on early you will face people who have and always use the top 3 cars since they are the fastest. At the beginning of the race they will be out of range of any power play real early in the race. I was expecting that regardless of the car you could use the powerplays to keep it close but thats not the case. Some people complain about how hard it is to control the fastest elite car but its all about throtle control and not drifting. Just let go of the gas going around a trun then slowly get back on the gas. Hit it too hard then you will start to drift. Drifting is flashy and does gain energy but if your opponent gets away then the powerplay is almost useless. Most races are mostly elite cars. Use it if you want to keep up.

Also it is true racing the same tracks over and over you pretty much know where all the powerplays are so you can avoid them but what keeps it excting is that you don't know if or when it will trigger. Thats what really kept me playing. Pretty much no 2 races are the same.

Overall it's an excellent racing title. BlackRock did an awesome job!

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