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Throwback game of the year

posted by TampaDogg (TAMPA, FL) Dec 13, 2010

Member since Sep 2008

Fun Game
adult oriented

non responsive controls
beat it in one day

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Splatterhouse PS3 reivew

posted by adam18man (PRATTVILLE, AL) Dec 11, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

well if u like hack N slash this your game with gore & levels ups such as past games like god of war etc. but the problem with one is bad camera areas sometimes might mess you up in fights , some of the enemies may get cheap hits off of you, but the same time it will get old repetitive alot but its a hack N slash so that what you will get. plus along the way the more levels your get done you will unlock the 3 arcades of (SPLATTERHOUSE) games with any Difficulty level plus find
secret PICTURES of your girlfriend Jennifer in the game.
plus this game has survival mode too

that why it gets a 7

-bad camera
-VERY repetitive- combos - quick kills - levels areas-
- cheap hits
-wait till low price

+ hack N slash
+ all 3 classics of Splatterhouse
+ classic weapons
+ its gore with hardcore music!

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Very Good

Really, give it a couple days and you'll like it..

posted by damianrock (DULUTH, GA) Dec 7, 2010

Top Reviewer

Member since Nov 2007

Like most gamers I turned the game on, played for a couple of hours, and decided to send it back. I mean, this game is not the realistic horror game it’s based on. The colors are cartoon-like, the antagonist is zany, the human protagonist is incompetent, and the mask protagonist is fowl. It's really just silly. Only the ridiculously dis-proportioned and unrealistic girlfriend kept me playing.

However, when I went to send it back, the weekend was coming… so I figured what the heck I’ll play a little more (plus I wanted to see at least one of the girlfriend pics). Once I bought the ability to not die instantly, the game actually became… fun.

Each enemy is best beaten using a different combo, so it’s not a button-masher. The story isn’t amazing, but it does have some nice twists. And each level is unique, which is more than I can say for a lot of modern games. And this is the first game since Dante’s Inferno that I’ve ever wanted to replay (even if it’s only to see all the pics).

This games biggest flaw are the long loading times, and I mean every-time you die (which could take 10 seconds) you have to wait through about 45 second of loading. However, once I went back and played the original arcade version, I realized that game had really long load times in it’s day. I wonder if they developers intentionally left this versions load times long for nostalgia.

Anyway, worth a four day rental to play through a couple of times, and very male-oriented, with cussing, gore, and boobs.

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