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Good Game

posted by Guppieham1 (WAVERLY, TN) Dec 4, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

34 out of 40 gamers (85%) found this review helpful

When i first heard they were remaking splatterhouse for the next gen systems, i was excited right off the bat. i used to love the retro version (as well as the sequels). i was especially glad to find that splatterhouse one, two and three are included as unlockables. Even better is how accessable they are. if you dont know, i wont spoil it, but lets just say if you are looking forward to a good emulation of them you wont be let down and it is easier to get them than you would expect.
The game itself is super fun. The opening grabs you by the neck and doesnt let go until, well until you turn it off. The game plays smooth and it is sort of like a mix of Brutal legend's hack and slash with Dante's inferno's upgrade system, in a way.
The game is presented in two different graphic styles. the cut scenes are very detailed, and the gameplay is rendered sort of comic book style and reminds me of Borderlands in that aspect.
The gore (lets be honest, ya want it for the gore) is not lacking in the least bit. Ripping off limbs and using them as weapons, tearing out organs and slicing through bad guys is just the tip of the iceburg in this game. Oh yes, there is gore.
The game plays out just right as far as pacing. it starts out fast and doesnt slow down much at all. If you want an action packed experience, Splatterhouse delivers on that front as well.
I havent finished it yet, but so far the only bad things i can see are that sometimes the screen gets crowded (but not so bad you lose yourself in what is going on) and the Mask Eye mode doesnt seem to be very useful so far (like i said, i havent finished the game yet). Other than that, if you are looking for a good soild rental, this is one to try.
If you dont like gore, foul language, slight nudity or being bossed around by a demonic halloween mask (dont you HATE it when that happens?) then this game is NOT for you, but other than that i say rent it.

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GF Rating


Guts and GOREY!!!

posted by PlaysALOT (PITTSTON, PA) Jan 8, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

12 out of 14 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

This game overall is fun and entertaining. Its the usual button mashing fighting platforming action and adventure but its unique in its own little way. Also the mask made it very entertaining with its smart remarks even in the most sensitive times. The story line is short and too the point, I like this because having to much to do, to me, is kind of annoying. So yeah anyone renting or buying this game, it is definitly worth the gore, laughs, and rampage that is sure to come your way.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Classic Style Beat Em Could Have Been Legendary

posted by ZombeSlayR (DALLAS, TX) Dec 8, 2010

Member since Mar 2007

6 out of 7 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

The main bone I have to pick with this one is that it gets a little repetitve, and the loading times when continuing get unbelievably ridiculous! Repetitive relates to the lack of variety in monsters and enemies you encounter. It seems that a new monster will make his debut appearance like - every other hour. Until then it seems your beating down the same monster over & over again. The fatalities are cool when finishing the worker bee monsters but there seem to be only 3 or 4 different finishers, and after one finisher plays, it seems that same finisher plays again and again with each monster you kill. But don't misread my opinion for Splatterhouse. It gets disturbingly addictive and is reminiscent of the classic arcade brawlers. He's like the Hulk meets Wolverine bashing and cutting through throes of the undead like butter. Also I liked upgrading moves and unlocking new ones.
But the controls are not so spot on. It was helluh frustrasting when I'm repeatedly pushing the evade button or Berserker button, but all your character does is flinch and twich as he's repeatedly beaten until he dies in a splash of blood, while your madly mashing the buttons that was to supposedly get him out of harms way-Aaaarrrggg!
I wouldn't drop 65 bucks on this but it's a good & entertaining renter. My most infamous verdict for games like this is, that it's worth playing through at least one time. Doesn't say much for the replay value, but the first go through is a real rush as you get to unleash all that pent-up aggression and anger on mobs of monsters at a time.
I wished the environments were more interactive with more weapons.
But I gotta say that during the repetitive loading times I found myself moaning and groaning in torment at the same looping animations of the same monster(s) doing the same unthreatening and irritating growling while acting mentally afflicted and scratching at the screen. It was like slow death, those loading times. Since when was mentally afflicted scary?

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