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spiderman web of shadows

posted by POPFAN2 (SANDY, OR) Apr 1, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

this game is amazing. it stuned me at every turn! the only two things were it was very repetitive: e.x. kill X number of foes defend X number bases help X number of people and when luke cage teaches you moves that will let you zip to foes you won't do any other move. but all in all its a good game.

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Very Good

Good play with bad package

posted by BIGCATLUV (DETROIT, MI) Oct 23, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

26 out of 30 gamers (87%) found this review helpful

If you like Spidey, you'll get over the bad voice acting and mediocre plot. What makes this game good is the fighting system, stunts, and animations that go within it. The developers did a great job capturing Spidey's essence, it looks as if your "the" Spiderman. Not to mention the special Marvel VS Capcom effects in the fighting. Graphics are good enough, no complaints, hyper realism is good depending on the game your playing; Spidey's not one of 'em.
Good job, Activision, just hire a better producer next time.

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The 411 on Spiderman web of shadows

posted by killa91 (LATTA, SC) Oct 26, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

27 out of 32 gamers (84%) found this review helpful

Ok first thing is the story. Its a pretty good story; its not totally original, but its not clishe either. Well heres how it goes, the city is being invaded by the symbiote and ofcourse everybody's favorite symbiotic maniac Venon is helping. Spiderman also gains the black suit and has the decision to don it and start being and acting the way he wants or shy from it and in the end side with his classic red and blue self either way its up to him to take care it. so spider man meets other characters from the marvel universe such as wolverine and moon knight, he also comes across alot of his enimies and allies, such as black cat, vulture, elctro, and a few others. sheild also plays a part in the story. Now for the gameplay; Shaba games has addes a new in the air and on the wall combat system, which allows him to flow from one to the other. Its feels great beating down a robot or symbiote on the ground and then taking it up side the wall and finish it in the war. You get experience points for completing tasks and defeating enimies. You can use the xp you earn and spend it on upgrades and new moves. You can swith from the red and black suit with just a tap of the L3 button. The webslinging still feels awsome and free; one new thig is that you can stick your self up against the wall and sit there, it adds a nice touch to the realness, because spiderman does sometimes just stay purched on a skyscraper wall looking out. The 2 suits have different abilities and different senses. There are boss battles where one suit will come in handy more than the other one, speaking of bosses, there is a good number of them, and they all use button prompts and so does the mini bosses, they're even used for som regular cutscenes. Now the graphis the texture is good and the character models are amazing. The music switches to the state you're in, whether if its in the heat of battle or soaring high across the rooftops. Overall its the best spidey game yet so check it out, and fans buy it

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