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this game totally SUCKS!!!!!

posted by tbaby12 (DETROIT, MI) Jan 25, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

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this game sucks so much,idont even know where to start,first of all,you can only go straight or back,when i looked at screenshots for spider-man:web of shadows on ps2,it looked like you can go all around the city and stuff,then they dont barely even talk on the game,you have to read mostly everything,it reminds me of the spider-man games that used to come out on sega,but this was even worst,i was so dissapointed when i got the game,i sent it back the next day cause it was so sucky,and the graphics suck on this game,you would think it would be a little bit better because it's the newest spider-man game out,but it totally SUCKS!!!!!!!!

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Really Bad

The Amazing Spiderman, Web of Disaster.

posted by CaptGamer (FESTUS, MO) Nov 13, 2008

Member since Feb 2005

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True believers, if you are seeking a good spiderman game, try to avoid Web of Shadows.

The pro's of the game: Not many. The graphics look ok, and have the feel of a comic book, story line is decent.
Cons: Here the list is big, the controls are clunky, and unlike the past spiderman games where you can move about New York, here you are very limited.
Movement is limited to forwards and backwards up and down, meaning, whatever is on the screen. No longer any 3D movements, this game gives you a feel of playing a arcade game. Moves are hard, trying to web sling across a area during battle, hard.
The idea of of having points depending on what spiderman says is very ridiculous. The first mission you come across is to rescue a cat, accept or not, if you do, you get red points, (Good) if you don't accept and choose any one of the other comments, you receive black points representing the bad side of the black costume.
Spiderman can change from his red and blues to the black costume with a simple press of the select button, but beware, using it too much may have a bad impact.
The choices of what to say and what missions to take adds points to either the good side or the bad side, but come on! Why be stopped on a rooftop by a man who wants spidey's opinion of whether his new shoes are chic or too 80ish. Get points for that answer, why? I have no clue.
If you are looking for a good spiderman game with plenty of action, you came to the wrong one.
As a person who grew up in the 80's, this game would have been great then, but now, it just doesn't seem to feel like a good game.
However if you want something just to add to the colection, great, but wait till it goes way cheaper, then buy it. But for true spidey fans, like myself, expect a great disappointment.
As Stan Lee says: "Nuff Said"

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posted by F1gHt3r (RIVERSIDE, CA) Jul 31, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

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Ok, so iv seen the video previews to this game, i thought they looked freakin sick! So i rented it asap! I was super excited to get this, dreaded waiting 2 days to get it, when it finally came in, i put it in fast, and was horrified at what i saw!!! The graphics suck, PS1 games have better graphics then this. You cant even free roam! You can only move left and right like a dam arcade game! The fighting moves were lame, ans spidey dies in like 10 seconds. Idk what the creators were thinking, the previews look badass but the game is nothing like the previews! Or the cover! I assumed that the game was a fake and just for some weird reason had the same cover art as the game i was waiting to receive. But nope, it's not. It was the real thing. OH! And you cant fight in the air, and the 2 suits arent any different, they just changed the COLOR!!! This game is the worst Spiderman game iv EVER played, im so dissapointed....

Please, do not rent it, im sure no one will like it....
Hope my review was usefull =)

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