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Spider-Man: The Movie


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Also on:GC, Xbox, PS2
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Beat Shocker

The best way to beat shocker is to keep jumping around dodging him and his attacks until he puts his hands on his hips then you can attack as normal (if you try and attack him when your not ment to he will block your attack and might even hurt you more) repeat this method a couple of times.

Bomb Locations

On the level unity day festival where you need to find all the bombs and destroy them there are lots of bombs scattered everywhere but these are there locations there is one or more on every balloon apart from the really small ones the size of your fingertip. there are a couple on the crane on the left hand side and two or more in the building on the right hand side. (there are 17 bombs in total) and the level after that you are fighting the green goblin.

Movie clips

By taking pictures on every level you can unlock all movie clips.

Beat Green Goblin

You do not have much room to fight him on this level but you need to keep swing from platform to the other platform over the eletric stuff and wait till he comes to you on his glider then attack him/keep doing this until he dies. (some times he gets higher so you need to also jump and attack and the only way to avoid his bombs is to swing to the other platform and don't forget to use your web attacks).