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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

OsCorp's Gambit Easy passcode download

When you are downloading the passcode, just wrap the guards in webbing and you can download it. After they break out of the spider silk they will not raise the alarm if you are on the ceiling or walls.

Showdown with Shocker Get to Shocker faster

Use the Webdome when Shocker fires at you to avoid getting hurt.

Uncle Ben's Killer Part 1 Secret room

When you are using Stealth, walk into the third room that leads into the next room with a truck in it. There should be a group of boxes clanged up together in the third room. Climb up on it. There should be a opening on the upper right hand corner of all those boxes, if you are looking at it in the front. This will take you to a secret room. Not much is here except a Health Spider, but it should give you some points.

Avoiding Shocker's Ultra Shockwaves

When in the underground subway, Shocker will shoot Ultra Shockwaves every time you appear in one of the four tracks. To avoid this, head to the nearest opening to the side. If you cannot make it, use the Web Dome (not Advance -- save your webbing) and it will shield you from it. You can only use it about three or four times with the Web Dome. Enable the "Unlimited webbing" cheat to use the Web Dome defense through out the entire encounter.

How to beat the Green Goblin while he is on the ground

Shoot webbing at him, which distracts him briefly. Then, hit him when he is distracted. This is easier if you use combos to kill him.

Fight Bonesaw

Go to specials menu, choose "Training", then enter basic combat. After a couple of swarms of enemies, Bonesaw will appear. To get up to him easily, enable the "Unlimited webbing" code and keep using the Web Dome or more powerful Web Dome attacks. Bonesaw has a life meter and takes a couple of minutes to defeat.