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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions


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The glitches bring it down (Wii)

posted by ChillGamer (ATLANTA, GA) Nov 8, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

I really like spiderman. The game was pretty fun. The cut scenes were interesting. But the play control was pretty bad. And the glitches mad it almost unplayable. I don't know about the other systems, I'm talking about the Wii.

First of all, if the game is going to be a button masher, please let me use my THUMB to mash buttons and not my trigger finger. I can mash with my thumb for hours. I can't with the trigger.

Second of all, the game has glitches. One time I couldn't trigger a cut scene and wondered around for a minute before I finally restarted the game. One time I was doing the boss fight and I got trapped in the wall. One time I somehow phased through a door I was supposed to pull open and ended up trapped with the room with the person I was supposed to rescue. One time my character froze but everything else was moving. Same thing happened to a henchman.

I couldn't move the camera right, if spiderman turns around the camera would not adjust and there was no button for it to center. The targeting system wouldn't grab the closest enemy. If there is an overhang in a building, spiderman would not be able to crawl to the top. Things like that made the game SUCK.

The costumes were lame. I mean LAME. There was no way I would want to use the other costumes. The build ups were silly and inconsequential. Once you get that you don't need or want half the powerups in the game, you understand that the game has just lost any depth in gameplay or replay value.

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spiderman shattered demensions

posted by cryptonic (ANGOLA, IN) Nov 6, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

Hey all this game rocks with its fast action and the story plot when it is all said and done you know you have been spider man once the game has been beat it really gets interesting once you reach that goal play in normal mode and see how you fair against mysterio. This game rocks it all the way out.

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Spiderman SD WII

posted by Kenpachi20 (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Nov 3, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

This game has great graphics but the user interface sucks. In order to fight your opponent you have to center with 1 button and try using a move and hope you do not center on another point in the map. Not to mention getting lost in the 3d rendering from time to time.
Graphics - 10
User Interface - 3
Mapping - 6
Boss Fights - 4

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