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Very Good

Great game. Wii bit frustrating, though.

posted by InwardJim (ORLANDO, FL) Sep 15, 2010

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Though it is a fun and decent Spider-Man game, the Wii makes things very frustrating at times. 90% of the game is controlled using the buttons and plays well and enjoyably. The other 10% is tedious Wii motion nonsense. To web-pull a wall you have to use the wiimote to point at different spots on the screen to select them. And in some boss battles it goes into a boxing mode where dodging is frustratingly difficult because the wii doesn't always acknowledge the movements. That's it for Wii motion uses, so it hardly seems worthwhile to me to have added them in in the first place. The rest of the controls are very fluid, and though not immediately intuitive after a few minutes they are well-though out. Controls alone might make this game more enjoyable on another system.
My only real gripe with the game is that not a single real 2099 villain was used. Scorpion doesn't count since that was from the lousy Timestorm 2009-2099 limited series put out last year. Venom, Vulture, Goblin, Flipside, Man-Spider, Halloween Jack ... anyone from the original Spider-Man 2099 run would have been great. Wasn't a fan of the Doc Ock 2099.
Hammerhead Noir was a great boss.
Over all a fun game, but not perfect becuase they had to give a nod to the wii's vaguely motion sensitive controls. And Doc Ock 2099. Those are the only two real negatives I saw.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not Quite the Amazing Spider Man

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 12, 2010

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When your friendly neighborhood Spider Man accidentally breaks a magical tablet while stopping Mysterio from stealing it, it sets off an adventure set in four different dimensions - Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions.
There are four different Spider Men - the Amazing Spider Man, the Noir Spider Man, the Black Spider Man, and the 2099 Spider Man. Most of them play out the same way - you swing through the level from point A to point B, beating up bad guys, saving civilians, and defeating the boss in one or more boss fights.
The one Spider Man that stands out is the Noir Spider Man. He plays out like Tenchu: Shadow Assassin. You use him to sneak up on the bad guys and take them out without alerting the others (but there are areas in his levels where you beat up bad guys who don’t have guns.)
I found playing the game a lot of fun; I liked the great cut scenes, some of the web based combat, the wonderful voice acting and the engaging boss battles.
But there are problems with the game; first one is trying to get Spider Man to web the item I want him to. Far too often he would hit an object or ledge that was off camera instead of hitting one right in front of him.
The second, and much bigger, annoyance is when Spider Man has to race against something (a tidal wave, a radiation leak, a crashing ship, a train). I found these segments to be really frustrating; it took me several dozen times to get past the tidal waves. It got so bad that I wished the game makers would let me skip those segments so I can get to the rest of the level.
These two flaws badly tarnish Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions. RENT IT.

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GF Rating


Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions

posted by Excession (SAN ANTONIO, TX) Sep 9, 2010

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All I can say is, nice. At first the graphics disappointed me. The cut scenes are nice but, in game is left wanton. However, the fact that the game play is so engaging and relatively intuitive makes up for this wholly. I was also pleasantly surprised to find it is not "one-dimensional" i.e. Spider Man web slinging through a city beating baddies, the end. In fact, their are over 180 goals to complete in the game.

All in all I'll probably buy it.

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