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Defeating Doctor Octopus

The impatient will fall in this battle quickly. The start of the fight starts easily enough. Web Pull the reactor cores out from Ock's machine. Lasers will hunt you down and if they hit you, you'll have to start over, so use your Accelerated Vision to buy you some time. Once all the reactor cores are out, Ock will start chasing you around and make any tiles around her hot to the touch. She is invincible at this stage, so don't blindly charge in or you'll die quickly! Ock eventually returns to the center of the room, so wait for her sheild to lower and hit her with a Web Strike. She'll go invincible and chase you again, moving faster this time, so use Accelerated Vision, if necessary. For the last part of the battle, Ock will take to a laser machine and try and blast you, while lab creatures try and take you out. Eliminate a lab creature and toss the leftover reactor core at Ock's laser. Keep this up to take down the head of Alchamex's Shadow Division.

Defeating Mysterio

This final boss fight involves controlling all of the Spider-Men, one at a time. The fight begins with Spider-Man: Noir doing what he does best, sneaking around in the shadows. Avoid Mysterio's light and web-sling close to Mysterio until the takedown prompt appears. Perform a takedown to easily end this part of the fight. You now control Ultimate Spider-Man. Mysterio will send out orbs that will create manifestations of past bosses. Wait for the orbs to turn purple and perform Web Strikes to shatter them. Perform takedowns on Mysterio when prompted and you'll move on to the next part of the fight. You're now freefalling with Spider-Man: 2099. Mysterio will try and form solid light circles to slow you down. Find the openings and go through them, while using Accelerated Vision whenever possible to make things easier. Perform takedowns when prompted to reach the final part of the fight. The fight will culminate with the Amazing Spider-Man. You must web-sling ahead, but don't land on the platform DIRECTLY in front of Mysterio or he'll toss you out. Instead, find one of the open platforms a little farther away. Mysterio will send out creatures-a-plenty, but if you've upgraded your combos, this should give you no trouble. After clearing out all the creatures, the camera will pan over to a large object. Take the object and toss it Mysterio's way. Move on to the next platform and repeat this process two more times to finally end Mysterio's menace, once and for all.

Defeating Hammerhead (second fight)

Now powered with the tablet, Hammerhead's got tommy guns for hands now! Trying to take him head on is a very bad idea, so you have to outsmart him. There are steam engines all around the boss area, so stand behind one and get Hammerhead to shoot at it. Once the room fills with steam, web sling above Hammerhead and perform a takedown from behind. Repeat this until Hammerhead's down to 25% health. The big palooka will start charging at you and this can cause heavy damage. Stand by a wall and wait for Hammerhead to charge in. Simply jump once he gets close and he'll crash into the wall. Perform a takedown from behind and box the gangster's ears in and you'll have him down in no time.

Defeating Electro (second fight)

Now powered with the tablet, Electro's become larger-than-life (and still pantsless). Dodge his laser attack that goes across the screen and when given an opening, goop up his hand. He'll loosen his hand and bash the dam, which should give you an idea of how this will ultimately end. After doing this a couple of times, he starts recharging, so bounce off of the flying objects to the other side of the dam. When you reach the other end of the dam, Electro will try and squash you like a bug. Dodge Electro's pounding and get him to hit every area of the dam until the dam's meter empties. The dam will collapse and Electro will be all washed up.