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4x the Spider men 4x the fun

posted by FiniteGamer (GLENDALE, AZ) Jul 23, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

Taking the role of 4 Spidermen is very cool and engrossing. Each Spiderman has a different style of fighting, web swinging, and defeating bad guys. If the game was open world, the game would be 10x better. If you are a fan of Spider man and his other video games, give this one a try, you will not be disappointed.

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Shattered Dreams

posted by CaptMagnifico (THORNTON, CO) May 4, 2014

Member since Aug 2011

You think a Spider-man game that has four Spider-men would be cool and interesting. Yet this game seems to be lacking in character, gameplay and a overall story.

This game focuses on Amazing Spider-man,Ultimate Spider-man, Spider-man 2099, and Noir Spider-man. All have their own abilities, yet only Noir Spider-man does anything new and that is a dumbed down version of what Batman Arkham Asylum does best. So as the Spider-men you are on the hunt for these shards of a tablet that broke. Guess who has the pieces? If you said B rate Spidey villains you were correct. My personal favorite fight was with Deadpool just because his level is actually interesting. For godsake the main villain is Mysterio, who in my opinion was one of the more lame villains. The story and dialog are bland and sometimes treat you as a kid with mental issues.

The gameplay is fun for a little while, but it misses something I never knew I would want from a Spider-man game, and that is free roaming New York. The combat and web slinging is fine but you don't ever truly feel like the wall crawler without a city to protect. The game isn't that long maybe four to six hours long with no replay value which is a big problem in my book.

Overall to keep things short I have to say with a poor story and no replay value with okay to frustrating gameplay I have to say 5-10. Thank God you have Gamefly if you want to check it out I say it would be a great rental to check out but not for keeps.

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Above Average

Quite Decent.

posted by rmysterio80 (OCEANSIDE, CA) Jul 14, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

I wasnt quite sure of what to expect going into Shattered Dimensions. I was a big fan of Spiderman 2 when i was kid, and got a kick out of just swinging around the city.

The first thing i noticed was the mission structure. Shattered Dimensions is not an open world game, but rather a level based spiderman game. I didnt mind this since most of the levels are well made and interesting. Each level is completely self contained and takes about 35-50 minutes to complete, bringing the game to be around 12 hours long. Each level contains a boss fight, which are hit or miss.

The main gimmick of the game is being able to play as 4 different spidermans. Noir spiderman is the most interesting since the gameplay is based around stealth. 2099 spiderman is the weakest portion of the game in my opinion since its plagued with annoying "falling sequences" that drag on, and weak boss fights. Amazing and Ultimate spiderman levels are also extremely enjoyable, and offer the most "normal" spiderman gameplay.

The lack of freedom may not sit well with some players, but if you dont mind a more "on rails" spiderman experience, check out Spiderman Shattered Dimensions.

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