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Good enough, if you don't mind being annoyed

posted by mattr25 (PHOENIX, AZ) Sep 11, 2010

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Graphically speaking the game is good enough, you can see everything and the bad guys look somewhat different when you go to a new area. Not anything to write home about but you can see leaves and it has a certain comic book feel.

Control wise it's not quite right, there is a slight delay between pressing a button and him doing anything. The camera has a tendency to go behind you instead of staying where you put it. It does not have the dead because you can't turn to see what is hitting you so it's a livable problem. The actual combat is rather one dimensional, when you fight you press one button until they stop moving, there are blocks that you use a different buttom to break, rare so it's rather pointless.

Story is well, comic book, understandable since Spider-Man is Stan Lee is involved and interesting in it's own right. The problem comes in defeating the bosses is less about fun and entertaining and more about doing a specific thing.

Rent to try, I wouldn't want to have bought this. Easy enough doing the in game challenges, I completed three before I realized there were any.

It is a good game, the controls are not quite there enough I guess is the term, the story is interesting the spider men are different. Just not fun enough to me to keep or buy.

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Iffy Targeting, Invisible Walls, Jammed Cameras...

posted by BongSabreX (BURGAW, NC) Oct 5, 2010

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Major problems solved in previous iterations have somehow resurfaced to make this game a jumbled mess in later levels.
- Targeting while surrounded tends to send you flailing into unoccupied space at absolutely nothing at all.
- Web-swinging, which is what defines the character, will often send you bumping into invisible walls and when over chasms, falling to your death.
- Close quarters fighting in a confined space tends to jam the Camera angle into looking at the ground, blinding you to incoming attacks.

There are other things wrong, very few that went right, but I'm not wasting anymore keyboard on this game.

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Button Mashing Boredom

posted by fersurdude (DALLAS, TX) Nov 11, 2010

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After reading the IGN review for Shattered Dimensions, I decided to give the game a shot and see what it was all about. I was intrigued by the idea of getting to play as several different versions of Spider-Man instead of the familiar red-and-blue Peter Parker version. Now that I've played it, I don't understand how the critics could have seriously rated this game as high as they did. It's not so much the idea that falls flat, it's the execution. The levels are extremely linear and each enemy is nearly identical to the last from dimension to dimension. The control layout is fine but some of the functions only work about half the time...web swinging and "web-zipping" are extremely painful experiences.The combat system is about what you'd expect from any comic book game: mash the quick and heavy attack buttons in succession and perform the same combo over and over again. The only part of the game that didn't fully disappoint me were the graphics, but I about had a seizure from all the flashing lights and bright reds/blues in the 2099 dimension.

I only made it through about 3 levels and I had to put this one back in the sleeve and send it back, so I'd say unless you're a die hard Spider-Man fan or are really entertained by beat-em-up button mashers just skip this one.

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