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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions


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Spiderman: shattered dimensions

posted by vjosh23 (DENVER, CO) Sep 16, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

70 out of 77 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

So, I have played almost all the spiderman games going all the way back to the original nintendo electro sinister six, and I have read the comics since I was a kid a long time ago. As a loyal fan I would say this game is awesome, even though it only took me around 7 hours to beat the whole game on normal and getting way over half the achievements in the game, the first person combat is definitely a new spin on spiderman, as is the inclusion of many new villains to the series, it is better than spiderman 3, but not better than web of shadows in my opinion, maybe I just enjoyed the mechanics of being able to switch from the classic red and blue suit to the symbiote suit instantly, this game has 3 levels per suit plus the training and final levels, all in all I think it is a missed opportunity for the series, if it was a little bit longer and had more replay worthiness then I would buy it, it is most definitely worth a rent, I would just recommend not to buy it until it at least goes on sale for around 30 bucks or so, otherwise you are wasting your money, for sure worth the rental though, any spiderman fan will really enjoy this though.

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Shattered Dreams

posted by BrokeGamer (NASHVILLE, TN) Nov 19, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

30 out of 37 gamers (81%) found this review helpful

I have been an avid Spider-Man fan since I was about 9 years old. My father purchases me a copy of the Spider-Man game for the Sega Genesis; within it was a subscription card for a free 6 months of The Amazing Spider-Man. The rest for me is nerd history. That said, I had high hopes for this game because I have longed for a stellar Spidey title for years, especially since Batman got his awesome Arkham Asylum game. Unfortunately, web-head has not fared as well in his digital adventure.

First off, the good stuff. The graphics in this game are amazing (pun intended), and the voicework is topnotch. The actors deliver their lines wonderfully and the jokes are quite funny. Also, even though the game is completely linear, there is plenty to do. Each level has a variety of challenges for you to complete which garner you points with which to upgrade Spidey. It's a tried and true system, and it is still addicting in this title.

Now to the bad. The controls are pretty slipshod. Spidey seemed to move around a bit too loosely for my tastes; far too often did he move in an unanticipated direction or his webslinging just plain would not register, which would send him plummeting to his death. Next, the camera is pretty bad. With a character like Spider-Man, who is jumping all over the place, having good control of your camera is vital; combine this with his loose controls and frustration ensues. Also: the Spider-Man Noir stages are TERRIBLE. The braindead AI completely ruins what should have been some of the coolest levels. Sometimes you can take down a thug right next to his buddy without a peep, other times you make the slightest movement and some jerk halfway across the map raises the alarm. Again, frustration ensues.

To finish up, the game exhibits tons of polish in every category except the combat, which is majority of the game. Maybe next time Spidey.

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One of the best Spidey Games

posted by SkaVeNgeR (CHICAGO, IL) Sep 11, 2010

Member since Jan 2005

34 out of 46 gamers (74%) found this review helpful

Normally you get one long drawn out game where Spider-Man chases one villain throughout a game or goes thru a series of crazy problems before finding out who's causing them. This is like 4 games in 1. Multiple versions of Spidey that we normally only get to see in the comics finally make videogame debuts and with each realm comes different abilities and villains. Any fan of Spidey would easily love this. Many liked the free roam games of the past but this linear game is packed with quality baddies, amazing graphics, and multiple forms of gameplay. This is a keeper! I rate it 9 out of 10 just so I don't seem to over exaggerate my point but this is an excellent game, a keeper because you won't be able to find it to rent!

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