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The Premature Death of Free-Roam

posted by MrFeaRZ (New York, NY) Sep 24, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

The second greatest superhero game of all time IMO is Spiderman 2. This was the first open world free-roam superhero game and was done masterfully. Though, like every other game, it had its flaws, in the end it was groundbreaking and never-ending fun.

The Spiderman games that followed kept the free-roam aspect but didnt improve on it or expand it. And now Shattered Dimensions has scrapped it all together, for which i say "huge mistake."

Spiderman is meant to live in a free-roam environment. Think Spiderman and you think New York City. Swinging through blocks of skyscrapers high over the city with hundreds of pedestrians below.
A living, breathing environment that Spiderman alone has to defend. This should have been the essence of every Spiderman game after Spidey 2. But for some reason Activision chose to not only cancel that, but to include other dimensions that i honestly couldnt care less about.

I know 2099 and Noir has its fans, but i wouldnt buy a stand alone game featuring either of them. Amazing Spiderman is where its at. The next game needs to focus on that dimension alone and bring back the open city to swing through and explore.

IMO a game like Infamous never would have existed without Spiderman 2. Activision needs to return to the format that they created and make a Spiderman game without levels, without restriction, without monotony. The premature death of free-roam was ill-advised and Shattered Dimensions will continue to collect dust on my shelf as i fire up the old PS2 for a real swinging time.

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posted by Misenwrath (SAN DIEGO, CA) Sep 22, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

Spiderman Noir Sucks ... Ruined the whole game with its lameness...

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only if your a comic fan is this any good

posted by Emerileric (LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) Sep 22, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

cut scenes are awesome gameplay blows!!

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