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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions


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Also on:Wii, DS, Xbox 360
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GF Rating

Above Average

EH, worth playing once

posted by stiles (KANSAS CITY, MO) Oct 20, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

keepin it short n sweet, game is ok, worth playing once, dont buy, u may be disappointed. no replay value. Fun concept tho

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GF Rating

Really Bad

just awful

posted by telatsu (COVENTRY, RI) Nov 16, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

6 out of 12 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

This game is a poor knock off of every other platformer out there +webbing that doesn't target correctly. i played this game for 2 regretable hours i will never get back. if you want a fun platformer, or even just a good game to play do not get this game it is terrible.

while some parts are beautiful others looks rough and cheesy, spider mans banter in any of the worlds are horribly played out and mediocre
this game handles like a poor mans assassin's creed. the camera is rarely ever centered where you want it and when you try to adjust the camera it makes accurate movement close to impossible. overall if you were handed this game for free you were still ripped off because your the one that will have to put in the effort to throw it in the trash

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GF Rating


total failure

posted by GamrGuY00 (TUCSON, AZ) Sep 15, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

9 out of 19 gamers (47%) found this review helpful

As an avid spiderman fan and one who has played all of the other games, I must say that this game was a major let down. Now there are some things that u get to do in this game that u didnt in previous games but, it lacks some of the most basic things that make spiderman who he is. in each level u do the same thing, badguy has peice of slab chase him down, kick his butt take it back. The game wasnt a total failure, u do get to pull of some pretty cool combos and the player design of some of the bosses is awesome. But over all if u try to compare this game to any other game like Arkham Asylum ur going to be very diappointed. Im not going to lie, Im not a batman fan in the slightest but that was an awesome game. this one however gets an ok at best. I wish I would have rented instead of bought. but its to late, the damage has been done so o well. As I have stated before there are some highlights in the game. the story line being a major point. Also the spiderman noir version is probably the best demiension and in my opinion could stand on its own as a seperate game. it was an intresting look at nother side of our hero. I said before that the game is missing things that make our hero so cool these things are as follows: you either fight on rooftops or one ground not both, why cant u do like in web of shadows where some of ur best fights happen on the side of buildings? the web swinging just flat out sucked so does the web zip as well. Again most of the areas u fight in are large enough so that u should be bouncin of the walls instead u have to struggle to get a good swing. Spiderman is all about speed agility and acrobatics, its like when they made this game the just settled for the least amount of these aspects. compare this game to others at ur own risk but know that this game had potential and they screwed it up big time. fun to play, bad to buy. In my opinion a real spiderman game was and always will be web of shadows. If u havent played it ur missing out.

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