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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions


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Also on:Wii, DS, Xbox 360
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GF Rating


Great Game

posted by Josher (WINDERMERE, FL) Sep 10, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

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I was pretty skeptical when I added this game to my GameQ. It turned out to be a Great game.

As We all know, The past games are your usual "swing across the city to Your missions, While beating up baddies on the side", But this is totally different.

The game is cut up into Levels. No, You can't go around A City and swing around like a Crazy Bafoon. The Levels give you alot of freedom, And the boss Battles are awesome, Especially the Sandman one.

Graphics are Average, Nothing that will make You drool or anything.

As we all know the levels are cut up into 4 Dimensions, You play a level for each one and get a piece in a certain order, the order is: Amazing, Noir, 2099, and Ultimate. And then you repeat that order, Each level You chase after a boss Who has a piece.

They all give You a new taste, Amazing is a more Brighter play field (Great feature in several levels: In levels such as sandman, Boxes and crates and barrels will start flying around all over the place in the air, and you can web zip from these crates, Think the scene in Spiderman where he is diving to save his aunt, pulling himself closer with the falling rubble.), As Noir is a darkness field (It plays out like Splinter Cell: Conviction, Its brighter when Your in the light and people can see you, And will shoot you if they are turned towards you. You can do Takedowns from the walls, From behind somebody, And more), 2099 is a more futuristic setting, They have a cool feature where Your skydiving between buildings after a enemy. You also have this Accelerated Vision, Where You can turn it on when the meter is full, and time slows down for everyone around You and you can beat everyone up in that time.
Ultimate Has pretty much the same playing field as Amazing, Maybe just slightly darker? You have a Rage bar that can be filled as you fight and then you go into a powerful state and You can kill everything rather quickly.

It has some funny jokes as well, And with all of this I give it a 9.

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GF Rating


Great game

posted by thedarthkiller2 (NORWICH, CT) May 29, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

I love this game it was great and fun for about age: 10 and up

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GF Rating


pure awesomness.

posted by erickson (ADDISON, MI) Nov 17, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

This game was very cool. But it actually has a really good story. Most spiderman games are just going in and fighting guys and saving people. This puts a totally new spin on things. Instead of playing one or two characters it actually play 4. one in the in time to come one,two in the present, and last but not least one from the past. The one in time to come is fun with some of the classic enemys turned into more future like character. In the two present ones, spiderman is in the blacksuite and the regular one. so villians are the same. in the past one, he is kinda like a tough guy you find on the street or in a bar. he is my favorite because you can sneak up behind enemys and take them down one by one. I have actually beat the game 3 times because it was so much fun. so buy it rent it whatever, this game is great.

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