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Also on:Wii, DS, Xbox 360
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Very Good

The best Spider-Man game yet, but still has flaws.

posted by gamer301 (CLAYTON, NY) Oct 12, 2010

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The game is really a blast. Each dimension has its differences, but enough similarity that it doesn't take too much to learn how to play each one. The game is split up into 3 stages, each with a 30 to 50 minutes level for each dimension. You can play these in any order and it won't mess with anything, which is a nice touch. Through the 12 levels, 4 of them really stuck out as amazing. The Sandman and Juggernaut levels for the Amazing Universe were both well-made and very fun to play, the Goblin level in the Noir Universe is a worthy finale for that realm, and obviously, fighting Carnage is exactly who it would've been. hard and intense the whole time. Truly my favorite. And all the 2099 levels are fun, they're probably my favorite realm due to its amazing graphical presentation and style, but none of the levels are stand-outs. Unfortunately, this game has bad levels. Such as Kraven, Vulture, and Deadpool. The Ultimate Realm and 2099 are the best of the bunch. Ultimate has the most stable levels with the least problems and the Rage is awesome! And 2099 has its glitches and camera problems at times, but are the most out going levels. And the closed off levels versus the open world style of old Spider-Man games, actually makes it better.

Pros: Amazing presentation for all the dimensions, especially 2099. Great differences in combat and level design for each realm, the Web of Destiny is a super cool addition, levels are great, especially Carnage. Videos and character bios are a plus. Voice acting is perfect. Web zip is great, and the character designs are top notch as are the videos.

Cons: Bad camera at times, some bad and just annoying levels, and several annoying glitches in the camera and gameplay. And the final level against Mysterio is just bad. Glitchy, long, and dumb.

This game is worth your time, defiantly a rent, and a for sure buy for hard-core comic nerds.I'll be buying it, just be prepared for controller throwing anger at the finale. Which is a shame.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Great idea but flawed

posted by PB1988 (STERLING, VA) Jan 19, 2011

Member since Feb 2010

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The idea of having multiple versions of Spidey battling his gallery of villains is great, but the control system/camera is highly annoying and it's very, very difficult to get your bearings as to where you are in a given environment. It is also very hard to precisely to get to a given spot using the camera/navigation, esp. during boss battles.

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Shattered Dimensions Review

posted by JosephS (ARCADIA, CA) Sep 10, 2010

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During an encounter with Mysterio, the Amazing Spider-Man accidentally shatters the “Tablet of Order and Chaos”, and causes unbalance in multiple Marvel dimensions. Four different realities of Spider-Man: the Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, inspired by the Noir series set in 1930s Great Depression era, Spider-Man 2099, based on Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara) created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi for Marvel Comics' Marvel 2099 line, and Ultimate Spider-Man, the Spider-Man currently bonded with a symbiote (Venom suit), must help Madame Web restore order in the Marvel Universes. Shattered Dimensions is a decent Spider-Man game worth renting.

The game has an authentic Spider-Man feel with Neil Patrick Harris, Christopher Daniel Barnes, and Josh Keaton as some of the voice actors for the alternate types of Spider-Man; all have background in animated or other game versions of Spider-Man. Also, Stan Lee finds a way to fit in as the narrator. Each Spider-Man has his own voice with plenty witty humor. There’d be no Spider-man with out his villain, and the game is full of them such as the Goblin, Sandman, Juggernaut, and Kraven the Hunter to name a few. There are even new Villains like Hammerhead a 1930’s loan shark with a skull inches thick and good for a head-butt.

At first the game play seems versatile with button mashing as Amazing Spider-Man and using stealth as Noir Spider-Man, but the level formula stays the same. Basically, you spend the level chasing a super-villain and destroying any henchman in your path in order to get a piece of the artifact, but it’s interesting to see who you have to chase next, since Spider-Man’s villains are some of the best in comics. Also, the Character and Combo upgrades are interesting. You can complete some exciting combos and earn a few alternate Spider-Man customs.

Overall, I give Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions a 7 out of 10. Big Spider-Man fans should consider buying this game while moderate fans should just rent.

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